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July 17th, 2008
City Council's public meeting was hot for debate.

The noise ordinance being considered by the council was not agreed upon unanimously. Councilman Chris Jones articulated his disapproval of expanding host responsibility to an unruly gathering. The other council members were favorable to this position. Jones maintained that personal responsibility should be allocated to the party-goers alone and not hold the host accountable for the actions made by individuals. Student Liaison C J Morgan asked the council to reconsider host responsibility and just ticket party-goers for their actions. The ordinance also included to provide a penalty for noise extending beyond property line, widening responsibility to party-goers and allowing police officers authority to disperse an unruly gathering.The council also accepted to streamline and downsize the current nuisance determination ordinance, but shot down the possibility of a noise barrier assessment survey that would cost $26,000. The survey would offer suggestion as to how to deal with the noise travelling from Sagewood to six surrounding homes. The survey would have considered noise barrier possibilities ranging from vegetation to a concrete wall.

Single Stream Recycling was also a key issue at this meeting. If the city adopted this method, it would add $1.77 to the $13.98 total cost for trash pickup per month.This additional cost is proposed for a five year amortization. In the $13.98 there is a recycling fee that would not be dismissed if Single Stream Recycling took effect. Vista Fibers in San Antonio, Texas would be the location for the Single Stream Recycling of San Marcos, residents would be upgraded to a 65 gallon cart, in which you could include glass. Commercial Single Stream and Multi-family Single Stream Recycling would be allowed 4 to 8 cubic yards. The city of San Antonio is 50 percent converted to Single Stream Recycling and have an annual revenue of $1.5 million, as well as has seen an increase from 21 thousand tons to 34 thousand tons of recyclables.

The City of San Marcos swore in its new City Manager at the Activity Center earlier in the day and at the city council meeting he gave his report. Rick Menchaca gave the sales tax report for the month at 1.6 percent and 5 percent overall. Menchaca urged the council to not pursue Wireless Internet for the city of San Marcos at this time due to the economic perspective. He also indicated that the Senate had passed $2 million for the airport, and that it now only needs approval in the House of Representatives.


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0 thoughts on “City Council's public meeting was hot for debate.

  1. Come to the City Council meeting Tuesday to express support for increased recycling in San Marcos! The most plausible avenue for San Marcos to increase recycling (and reduce our contribution to the landfill) is to get Single Stream Recycling in place as soon as possible. Our Mayor and City Council members need to know there is a wide cross-section of support for this movement, even if it means an additional $1.77 per month per residence to provide the recycling carts on wheels along with the ability to recycle a wider variety of items rather than having to keep throwing them away into the landfill.

    The next City Council meeting is Tuesday August 6th. Whether it is in-person, at the City Council meeting, one-on-one with your elected officials, phone calls, emails, they need to hear from the citizens. The clock is ticking, the window of opportunity (to get on board with single stream) is limited, if we fail to act as a community on this opportunity soon, then we may be delayed much farther into the future (due to capacity constraints at the MRF – Materials Recovery Facility).

  2. Some one, the mayor or one of her cronies, needs to inform the Post Office of recycling. The Post Office does not have a recycling program.

  3. Turns out the recycling agenda item has been pushed to a future council meeting. The City Council does not have Single Stream Recyclig on the Tuesday August 5th agenda. Hopefully it will reappear on the radar screen soon?

  4. So Sean it’s that way? Let’s be seperate. I thought that being in the city of San Marcos we should all be one. It would be great for the city to reach out and show how it cares for “us”. Right. Or are an upset cronie?

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