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July 15th, 2008
Tantra Coffeehouse hosts the Stupor Bowl

Tantra Coffeehouse hosted the first ever Unicycle Football League championship game Sunday night called the “Stupor Bowl”. News crews, reporters, sponsors, locals, students, San Marcos visitors and even a mascot dressed as a hotdog all showed up and couldn’t help but smile at the unicycle spectacle. Estimates from Tantra employees were as high as three hundred people.

The Unicychos and The Hotdogs both came with their game faces on. Fans were not disappointed as the tie game led to a jousting match to find out who would receive the sudden death overtime kickoff. After three turnovers in overtime, Unicycle Football League creator and Tantra employee Marcus Garland scored the last touchdown and won the season for his team, The Hotdogs. Garland was fittingly named MVP of the season and soon had a water bucket poured on him.
San Marcos has really grown to love this unique sport. Tantra employee Casandra Lien has watched Unicycle Football evolve from a few people riding unicycle around a parking lot to a real game.

“People get really excited about the games, especially this one” Lien said. “Marcus has taken unicycle football from this crazy half baked scheme and turned it into something huge.”

“I expected Unicycle Football to get big, but not this big” Garland said. “The whole bit is kind of a spectacle. I set up a bunch of posters and a lot of people showed up, after you start getting a crowd it just kind of snowballs. Unicycle Football brought together a lot of people who have never been to Tantra before.”

Texas State student and unicycle football enthusiast Philip Ramirez agrees.

“I’m really happy to see what Marcus has done with the league. The older generation of Tantra came here and brought all of their friends, then you have the young college students. There are a lot of different groups here and its really cool to see how many people Tantra and Unicycle Football have brought together.”

Garland is equally excited and already has plans for next season.

“If you are interested in participating in the second season of Unicycle Football, practice will be held on Sunday and Monday evenings outside of Tantra and occasionally at Sewell Park. Games will be held on Sunday nights starting in the fall.”
Ramirez plans on playing next semester, along with quite a few other people who signed up.

“I saw a lot of names on the list for next season, there are going to be many more people learning to ride unicycles and playing soon. This is a great thing to be a part of: the first unicycle football league in the world and it all started right here.”

If you would like more information on Unicycle Football you can access it online at or football. The league is sponsored by Ozone bikes in Austin and you can buy your very own unicycle from Garland at reduced prices. By CHRIS COPPLE

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