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July 15th, 2008
From Girl Scouts Troop 881: Trio completes guide to local flowers


San Marcos Girl Scout members of Troop 881 recently presented the guidebook to flowers found in local green space areas they developed as part of requirements for the Bronze Award, the highest award for Junior Girl Scouts, to the City of San Marcos. Pictured in the front row are scouts Hunter McMain, Lindsey Burton, Sara Jo Porterfield and San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance President Todd Derkacz. In the back are city Watershed Protection Manager Melani Howard and San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz.

From Girl Scout Troop 881

Three San Marcos Girl Scouts, members of Troop 881, recently presented the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance with their original guidebooks of wildflowers found in local green space areas, part of their requirements to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award for Junior Girl Scouts.

Local Girl Scouts Lindsey Burton, Hunter McMain, and Sara Jo Porterfield, all students at Hernandez Intermediate School, recently completed badge work that included the book project, “Nature’s Beauty at the San Marcos Greenbelt.”

After receiving feedback on their project from Watershed Protection Manager Melani Howard and San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance President Todd Derkacz, the girls spent time in San Marcos area greenbelt areas, including Ringtail Ridge, Prospect Park and Lower Purgatory, photographing wildflowers.

The girls identified the flowers, researched scientific names, blooming periods, and interesting facts. They developed a laminated guidebook that will be checked out to green space visitors so they can identify and learn about flowers growing in San Marcos area green spaces.

The girls also developed a PowerPoint presentation that can be shared with groups or posted on a webpage.

“The Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Junior Girl Scout can earn, requires her to learn the leadership and planning skills necessary to follow through on a project that makes a positive impact on her community,” said Troop 881 co-leader Janice McMain, who along with Dannette Elliot, lead the troup of about a dozen local girls.

Working towards this award demonstrates the girl’s commitment to helping others, improving their community and the world, and becoming the best they can be, said McMain, who along with volunteer project advisor Gwen Burton, assisted the girls on the Bronze project.

The girls plan to build on their picture project as part of their badge work toward the Girl Scout Silver Award as Cadet Girl Scouts, under the direction of Janice McMain and Gwen Burton, who will be co-leaders of Troop 881 beginning this fall.

For more information on the project or checking out the guidebook, call Howard at 393-8400.

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