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June 18th, 2008
Man exposed himself at apartment swimming pool, woman’s complaint alleges


San Marcos police are investigating a woman’s complaint that a man exposed himself to her this weekend at an apartment complex’s swimming pool.

The man allegedly lifted his baggy shorts to show is genitals while lounging in a common area of the Palazzo apartments, 1011 Wonder World Drive on Saturday. He left the area before police arrived but was identified and questioned by an officer later after the woman spotted the man and called police, Sgt. Fred Wisener said.

The case has been referred for investigation as indecency with a child because a 8-year-old girl playing in the pool area witnessed the act, Wisener said.


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11 thoughts on “Man exposed himself at apartment swimming pool, woman’s complaint alleges

  1. This charge is rediculous! The man charged is innocent. The woman is a nut. What happens when a man sits down wearing baggy shorts? DUH!!! How many times have you seen a man exposed accidently when wearing baggy shorts? This woman must be stupid and is definitely ruining someone’s life over an over-exagerated situation. She needs to get her facts straight before charging someone for obviously an accidental incident. What she thinks she saw is NOT what she saw!

  2. To the above person, where you there at the pool? Did you see what actually happened? Probably not. I don’t think it’s an accident when he scared off two teachers and also did it in front a an 8 year old child. It’s one thing for a man to have an accident and it’s another to actually take it out and wiggle it around in front of adults and children. So obviously the accuser has you fooled really well. So YOU are the one that needs to get your facts straight. Did the accused also tell you that he was winking and blowing kisses at the victim in front of her husband before he started exposing himself? Probably not. I know this person very well and she would never ruin someones life over an accident.

  3. Shirley,
    I also know the victim very well…the accused. He is the most decent person that you could ever meet. He is also extremely bashful, modest and embarrased for accidentally exposing himself. His fiance and I were at the pool and saw what occured. It was an accident and his life has been severly damaged. Obviously, you were not at the pool. And by the way, he was waving at his fiance when she came to the apartment for the dinner he was preparing on the grill, not winking and blowing kisses. Furthermore, slander and false allogations are a crime. I think it is so very wrong for innocent people to be accused and victimized for what their accusers think is happening, which is exactly what occured. The young man is putting himself through school on a waiter’s salary. He was at his residence, not at a park or discrete location. These accusations have cost him and his family dearly. I am sorry, but your friend has deeply wronged an innocent person!

  4. You were not at the pool at the time of his actions and neither was his fiance. In fact, the police found the fiance in the apartment which is on the other side of the pool. Wow, now I know you’re lying.Sad just sad. It is not false allegations at all especially when an 8 year old told the same exact story, who also saw his actions. I think it is disgusting that you are supporting such a filthy act.

  5. hmmmm, sounds like alot of people will never know the facts of this case, it is too bad it ended up this way. i feel for the family, but the young man made his own choices in life, as parents you can’t blame yourself or the victims in this case.

  6. No, he did not take his own life but he is gone. He was my best friend and he was wrongfully accused. I had talked to his lawyer a week ago about testifying as a character witness at his trial. He never did anything even remotely close to this growing up: never mooned anyone, messed around in the locker rooms, anything. He thought people that did that stuff were weird and gross. He was a loving boyfriend, a true friend to those close to him, and a hard-working student. Yes, he was exposed. No, it was not on purpose. His accuser is flat-out wrong. He personally believed that she was probably not a liar but just mistaken.

    All of his friends and family are behind him on this. He simply would never have done such a thing, and to have people think that he did hurt him immensely. Had the case gone to trial I believe a jury would have exonerated him.

    And if you think an 8-year-old is a reliable eyewitness I’m afraid you’re not much of a criminologist.

  7. The stress and anxiety of being falsely accused probably killed him. His accuser will now answer to God since the accused will never get his day in court. I thought you were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Apparently that is not so in San Marcos. The accuser, a habitual trespasser at the pool complex, should set the record straight. Doubtful that would happen since it would constitute, at a minimum, contempt of court. Why put yourself at risk when your opposition can’t answer.

    If you saw someone exposing himself to you and your 8 yr. old daughter, would you keep bringing her back to the same place he lived? NO, YOU WOULDN’T. Shortly after this “incident”, the woman had a birthday party there for her daughter and has been seen multiple other times, drinking alcohol, with only her daughter present (a clear violation of the complex rules). I guess being married to a constable negates the need to obey laws and rules.

    The accused was exhausted that day and let his guard down. He worked 30+ hrs/wk and took a full class load, making excellent grades. He was well liked by many of his professors and fellow students. He was grilling for his fiancé in 100+ degree heat that day (his fiancé WAS there -the police, one of whom was the husband of the accuser, did not come to their apartment right away “Shirley” – but you know that). The real witnesses could confirm only that the accused was at the pool, which the accused freely admitted. These witnesses didn’t see anything suspicious on a day when there were 20+ people around this small pool. Yes, he could have been accidently exposed. No, he didn’t touch or fondle himself. Yes, as soon as he realized he could have been inadvertently exposed he immediately left, embarrassed. He said he saw some woman staring at him and may have mouthed, “What” to her. He did NOT blow this woman kisses or “flirt”. That’s just a ridiculous claim by someone who apparently thinks too highly of herself. He was engaged to a wonderful and loving woman, for Christ’s sake.

    The only damage caused to the 8 yr. old is what her mother/father apparently convinced her she saw (hence the identical story), a story concocted to get the maximum possible punnishment to an innocent person. It’s a tragedy the 8 yr. old has been made a pawn in this case. The accused was looking forward to finishing school, getting married and starting a family. The only egregious conduct that occurred was by the accuser. The accused was one of the kindest, most compassionate, loyal and sincere a person you could ever meet. His untimely death was avoidable. At lease we know he’s in heaven, free of his tormentors. We are blessed to have had him for 24 years. It should have been more.

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