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June 13th, 2008
The funk comes
to San Marcos

Scene Editor

This weekend in San Marcos, you can get your funk on or funk your git-along with two great bands.

Saturday, June 14

If your grooves are getting shallow (and whose aren’t these days?), if you can’t see the power tower no more, if you feel out-kast and you need a mother-ship connection (say “amen,” somebody!), you will experience mighty fine re-groovulation by Funkotronic at Lucy’s Saturday, June 14. While they are not Bootsy’s Rubber Band, they do, indeed, bring the funk. They are a Stroker and Hoop/Mod Squad/Earth, Wind and Fire flash flood of funky beats and jazzy riffs. They can get down and put the stank on it.

How’d they get so funkalicious here in swing country? It’s a mystery, but you will almost swear you can hear Allan Gorrie yelling “Pick up the pieces!” or “Cut the cake!” For that matter, how did Allan Gorrie get so dab-down-funky? If you don’t know who that is, you really need the funk, pal. You need it bad.

The Skeletons
Triple Crown
Saturday, June 14

There’s a rockabilly band under ever rock in Texas, but The Skeletons are more than your average under-rock under-rockers. The guitar jankles beautifully, the drum work patters groovily and the vocals are pure. The Skeletons manage to bring a little Texas spice and swing to their music, which makes them a delight to the ears. They are solid senders, baby.

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