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June 3rd, 2008
Commissioners Court enacts burn ban

The Hays County Commissioners Court unanimously approved an indefinite burn ban due to ongoing drought conditions during their June 3rd meeting.
Specifically mentioned in the ban is a prohibition against fireworks that have a stick attached such as bottle rockets, or any kind of firework with fins. The proclamation establishing the ban cites both the lack of rainfall and forecasts predicting little chance for rain in the future.

“We find that drought conditions do exist,” said County Judge Liz Sumter

This will affect local fireworks merchants as the Fire Marshall’s office will be conducting inspections of all stands to ensure compliance.

“This means nobody will be able to legally sell bottle rockets unless we rescind this before the 4th of July” said Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton.

Further questions were posed by Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford, who wondered how sales of these items would be monitored.

“We will be going out and inspecting these stands,” said county Fire Marshall Carroll Czichos.

Assistant Fire Marshal Bo Montague added, “Fortunately, most of the fireworks stands in this county buy from a certain person, who resides around the county and he’s very proactive and wary about not selling these two certain things.” Montague further added, “Usually one or two get by, so we just pull them off the shelves.”

In other business the court unanimously approved a proclamation, sponsored by Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Conley, declaring June as Hays County Hunger Awareness Month. The proclamation states “…the Hays County Area Food Bank distributed over $779,000 of food throughout Hays County through the efforts of food drives, fund raisers, and charitable donations,” and they had served, “…an average of 2,730 families pr month and average of 7,199 individuals” in the same time period.

Mr. Jerry Gracey, the newly hired executive director at the food bank was present at the meeting and accepted the proclamation with thanks.

“One of the things we are trying to do is raise awareness,” said Gracey. “One in four children and one in five adults in this county are food deficient at times.”

The food bank will be holding a fund raiser at Conley Car Wash on Saturday, June 7 from 8 AM to 6 PM. Breakfast tacos will be available from 8 to 10 for purchase along with popcorn and cold drinks all day. The Food Bank will also be accepting financial donations and non-perishable food items.

Conley Car Wash will be donating a portion of their profits for the day to the Food Bank, along with the actual labor of washing the cars.


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Newstreamz file photos.

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0 thoughts on “Commissioners Court enacts burn ban

  1. FYI – Newstreamz does not necessarily count as a ‘return to journalism’, nor does it make you a ‘journalist’. While Newstreamz is sometimes informative, it is usually days behind on news, and more often than not just a bad plagiarism of something from the Associated Press or the university’s spokeperson. A good journalist doesn’t merely pick up or smear around the turds of another true news outlet’s stories.

  2. Mr. anonymous… could help to see that you were pretty vague in your statement. Why don’t you back it up with some examples of plagiarism. That way your statement will look less like a smear and a bit of cowardice.

    I will however say that there are plenty of news stories I have seen on other outlets such as News8Austin and the Newspaper that never appear on Newstreamz… and vice versa. I guess that is part of the “start up.”

    I appreciate your news. Thanks newstreamz!

  3. Jeremy,

    A couple months ago, Newstreams, in typical fashion, published an Associated Press article without giving credit to the AP. Someone commented that it was blatant plagiarism and within minutes Chris Doelle removed the article. Since then, they are a little more careful and less obvious.

    Since that episode, I have noticed that the vast majority of articles are truly “Public Service Announcements” that Newstreams published for various university and city officials. Not genuine journalism, wouldn’t you said?

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