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May 30th, 2008
Kids at Crockett get free ride

The San Marcos Police Department in conjunction with Wal-Mart and the San Marcos Independent School District rewarded students with perfect attendance by giving them a new bicycle.

The program provided five free bicycles to students today at Crockett Elementary School. The winners were selected by a random drawing.

Cynthia Lopez, Wal-Mart Assistant manager said, “We got involved in this for the last two years through our school adoption programs.”

San Marcos Police Officer Association President Danny Arredondo added, “We decided to do something positive with the kids, we decided to reward the kids bikes for their perfect attendance.”

San Marcos’ finest were also represented by officers Emilio Gonzales and Bob Klett. The officers and Wal-Mart representatives posed for pictures and congratulated the kids on being selected to receive a new bike.

The school officers also partnered with Wal-Mart on several other projects in San Marcos.

From Staff Reports

In addition to Crockett Elementary, the police officers visited several other schools in the area…

Bonham Pre-Kindergarten


DeZavala Elementary


Hernandez Intermediate


Bowie Elementary

Miller Junior High

Travis Elementary

Photos courtesy of Danny Arredondo – San Marcos Police Officer Association President

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0 thoughts on “Kids at Crockett get free ride

  1. This is really neat to hear and see. Kudos to all the students with perfect attendance, and many thanks to the program sponsors (Wal-Mart, the San Marcos Police Department, and the San Marcos Independent School District).

  2. Congratulations to the students, educators, and thanks to Wal-Mart for sponsoring this program. The kids really had no idea that this was coming, and it shows that we can work as partners with business in an effective way. Good work students, and thank you for your dedication and effort.

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