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May 29th, 2008
Junior highs cash in with Tanger Bucks project.

On May 27, 2008, Michelle Carswell of Tanger Outlets presented checks to Goodnight and Miller Junior High Schools as part of the Tanger Bucks project. Goodnight earned a check for $1,205, and the Miller Junior High earned a check for $5,065. Miller’s Dancing Diamonds used the proceeds to purchase new dance team costumes and jackets which they proudly displayed for the photo.

Public Information Officer – SMCISD


Goodnight (left to right): Asst. Principal Rachel Solis, Delaney Hearne, Michelle Carswell, Principal Steve Dow, and Arik Rangel

Photo by: Iris Campbell


Miller (left to right): Dance team sponsor Holly Hess, Stephanie Hernandez, Kelsea Smith, Paige Clayton, Paula Stover, Sammi Guerrero,Jordan Carswell, and Michelle Carswell.

Photo by: Linda Contreras

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  1. I love Coach Hess she iz possiblly the best Coach i have ever had! This dance Team is wonderful and they have beautiful dances.I love watching these wonderful dancers dance well!I hope they go very far this year.And i am very proud of the new officers but i was just wonering who the new manager is?

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