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May 28th, 2008
In the Health channel: CTMC staff return from mission trip in Honduras

Central Texas Medical Center staff who recently went on a medical missionary trip include Martha Reyes-Minoz, Teresa Garza, John Crowley, Dr. Sue Ann Harrison, Teri Loe, Kay Gibbons, Dr. Jim Doyle, Lana Cameron, Karen Morris and George Loe.

From Central Texas Medical Center

Central Texas Medical Center employees recently returned from their second annual trip to Honduras, where they provided health care to people who rarely receive medical treatment.

In the heart of Central America, the team held four free clinics in four communities surrounding Peña Blanca. The 938 patients who were treated ranged from newborns to the elderly and an estimated 3,000 prescriptions were filled.

Each patient had a story and each CTMC missionary came home with memories and personal rewards they will cherish forever.

“The best part of my experience was finding the 5-year old with the heart murmur that had never been detected as he hadn’t seen a doctor before,” said Dr. Sue Ann Harrison, a pediatrician with Corridor Primary Care Pediatric.

Upon discovering the murmur, Dr. Harrison told the child’s mother about his condition through translator Karen Morris, CTMC Administrative Director of Ancillary Services. The mother showed great concern and interest. She spoke of her son’s lack of energy, saying that he never cared to play with other children. Due to the lack of medical care in the area, the family will seek corrective surgery through Hearts for Honduras, a group of cardiac surgeons who visit Honduras regularly.

This child’s story is just one example of thousands of people who desperately need health care. Through internal fundraising efforts, Central Texas Medical Center employees raised over $6,500 in order to make the trip to Honduras possible.

Last year a group from CTMC helped construct a girls’ dormitory during the trip. The hospital will continue to raise funds and provide care for those in need as CTMC continues its mission: extending the healing ministry of Christ.

If you would like more information about how you can contribute to next year’s trip to Honduras, contact Karen Morris at (512) 753-3515.


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3 thoughts on “In the Health channel: CTMC staff return from mission trip in Honduras

  1. I’ve been fighting all afternoon making a crack about San Marcos needing medical missionaries after years of CTMC but the truth is they seem to be improving markedly and are finally investing in an expansion.

  2. CTMC has had problems but it serves the big majority of people in the door with good Health Care. If you think our Health Care System is in trouble you don’t know the half of it.

    CTMC gets flak that it doesn’t deserve and I haven’t head anyone saying San Marcos would be better off with out it. We need to support our Hospital and its Workers not put it down all the time expecially people who only know rumors.


  3. Personally, I’ve had some fairly bad experiences there and I have heard some horror stories.

    Having been to my share of emergency rooms for myself and others, once with life-threatening injuries to me (not at CTMC), I can say that I’ve been to worse hospitals, but I’ve been to much better ones too.

    I don’t have anything scientific to go on; just limited personal experience and word of mouth. If the hospital isn’t as bad as people say, then it needs some serious PR help. I know I wouldn’t go there with anything serious, unless I had no choice. I had my tonsils out a couple of years ago, and drove to north Austin to have it done.

    If I were comfortable with the quality of CTMC, I certainly would have preferred to have the surgery 5 minutes from home.

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