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May 28th, 2008
From Ron Barrera: ‘Every penny will be accounted for’

EDITOR’s NOTE: More than two dozen people are running for the board of directors of member-owned Pedernales Electric Cooperative including 20 for district 7 which encompasses much of western Hays County. PEC customers can vote online here or by mail through June 13 or at the cooperative’s annual membership meeting on June 21. The San Marcos Mercury is printing correspondence and commentary in our new Pedernales Electric channel in the Community Blogs section.

Ron Barrera

Kyle | District 7 candidate

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My name is Ron Barrera and I’m running to become the newest member of the Board for District 7. I’m 52 and I have lived in Kyle with my beautiful family for the last 4 years.

I’m running for the District 7 Board because I believe in accountability. Accountability to your customers, accountability to your Neighbors and accountability to yourself. Pedernales Electric is rapidly growing and so does the chance for improprieties to occur. I’m not saying the current board members are improper but I am saying that somewhere along the way some board members forgot why they were on the board: TO KEEP THE CO-OP ACCOUNTABLE TO IT’S MEMBERS.

I have been employed by the State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for over 22 years. For the last nine years I have been in the Account Maintenance Division in the area of Franchise Tax. In earlier years, I partnered in starting a restaurant from the ground up. I’ve played college football. My family and I attend St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and I’m an active member of the Knights of Columbus.

These mixtures of job experience, education, community, ethical and family background put me in great position to be a very positive member of the Board for District 7. I know taxes and fees, I’ve also been a small business owner and I have the added insight into the issues local business owners deal with every day.

The world is changing and we need to either adapt or be left behind. I will push for more timely distribution of capital credits and for prioritizing PEC’s investment in environmental conservation and alternative energy solutions. We will work to keep costs under control. Every penny will be accounted for. Every PEC member will have a window seat into the running of this co-op. We live in a time where sugar-coating and political double-talk seem to be not only expected but the norm. I promise that I will communicate with you in the same style that I am tonight. Straight-forward and honest. That’s my pledge to you.

“We have found what is broken and now I will work to help fix it. Please allow me, Ron Barrera, to become the next member and new voice of the Board for District 7.”

My 5 Main Issues

  • I will work to make the board transparant to all co-op members
  • I will work to make Pedernales Electric accountable to the co-op members
  • I will work to make credits issued in a more timely manner
  • I will work to keep electric costs at a resonable price
  • I will work to put more resources into research for alternative energy solutions and for envoronmental conservation.
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