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May 27th, 2008
SMCISD Preliminary Spring TAKS Scores Arrive

San Marcos CISD school officials announced the arrival of their preliminary TAKS scores last week. Early indicators show that the district experienced a rise in the majority of test scores overall and for various subpopulations. Dr. Patty Shafer, Superintendent of Schools for SMCISD, observed “We have much work to do, and we’re pleased at the gains that have been made this year.”

The district remained strong in Reading and Writing scores as well as Social Studies. Writing in grades 4 and 7 was at Exemplary and Recognized levels with all subgroups showing passing rates of 86% or higher. Exit level Social Studies was at exemplary status with scores of 90% or higher for all subpopulations.

Math and Science continued to present challenges, but gains were made in both. Grade 8 Math scores were above the reported state average after the initial administration of the test and the highest that they have been since the implementation of the TAKS test in 2003. Science scores in grades 5 and 10 were also up.

Yolanda Almendarez, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, expressed her commitment to a sustained push for excellence in instruction. “We continue to search out and to implement best practices in instruction while working to enhance the content in all classrooms in the district,” Almendarez noted.

Final scores for the district will be released in late July 2008.

Coordinator School Improvement & Accountability – SMCISD

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