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May 24th, 2008
Authorities say Kyle teenagers sexually assaulted two girls


Two former Lehman High School students were arrested today and charged with sexually assaulting two girls who told investigators they blacked out at a party.

Chad Miles, 18, is charged with sexual assault and criminal conspiracy. Jesse Primeau, 17, is charged with indecency with a child and criminal conspiracy. Both were taken into custody and released on $50,000 bonds. The alleged sexual assaults occurred at a party during the fall semester, said Deputy Pam Robinson, a Hays County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

Two other teen boys, both younger than 17, have been indicted on similar charges and a third indictment relating to the incident is still sealed, Robinson said.

Miles was the Lehman High School quarterback and Primeau was a running back for the Lobos. Lehman is part of the Hays Consolidated Independent School District.


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5 thoughts on “Authorities say Kyle teenagers sexually assaulted two girls

  1. So two girls get drunk off their ass at a party and wake up naked the next morning. They MUST have been sexually assaulted because God knows girls don’t ever consent to anything and dont make he decision to get drunk themselves and arent responsible for their own actions.

  2. Get over it. The boys obviously took “action” and are responsible for their part. I don’t believe that we know what all the facts are. I’m willing to reserve judgement and let a jury decide guilt. Perhaps you can find it in yourself not to blame the victims and put some trust in the justice system. We need to let this case be decided by our judicial system, not by the court of public opnion or the media. These lives are too young to be toyed with here.

  3. I have news for you people … the frickin high school quarterback doesn’t have to sexually assault a chick to get laid. This whole thing is f-ed up

  4. I agree Lila. What a sick culture when people can say such disgusting things when they don’t know what’s going on. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED no matter what they did. AND NOTHING EXCUSES PEOPLE WHO DO IT. You’re right that we don’t know the facts but if these young men are found to have done something like this, I hope we can have compassion for everyone involved. Such young lives to be at stake.

  5. I’m thinking about that scene in Animal House when the girl passes out and the young man has a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Not to make light of it, but the point is that the decision is not that many layers deep in the moral fabric.

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