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May 21st, 2008
Some events this week


The San Marcos Public Library will host young Vincent Turner, the classical guitarist, Wednesday, May 21. The event is free.

Turner is the whiz who placed fourth in the International Guitar Foundation of America competition in Los Angeles last year. He plans to compete again in San Francisco this August. There is a YouTube video of this talented young man playing Bach in a tile bathroom that will give you a hint of his proficiency. Bach in a bathroom (for acoustics); Johann has a “square to spare” and then some.

While you are at the library you can pick up the orange calendar of summer events for kids, sign up for Yoga, or volunteer to teach computer classes. Their BookLetters online at the library’s website site is a fun read. You can sign up for an RSS feed or be sent specific newsletters to alert you to new fiction or history or mystery titles. The category “Strange Things Found Only at Your Library” always whets the appetite for reading.

At the Triple Crown on, Friday, May 23, you can see the In & Outlaws, who describe their sound as “redneck rock music with a sense of humor and a soulful edge.” They’re sort of like the Beat Farmers with a dash of Stray Cats and a dollop of Skynerd. Try not to miss them.

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