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May 12th, 2008
Man arrested for middle school bomb threat

At approximately 10:30am Monday morning, Chapa Middle School, a Hays CISD School was contacted by phone and told that a bomb was set to go off in the school in 30 minutes. The Chapa Middle School SRO (School Resource Officer), who was on campus was notified. Hays CISD Administrators and administrators from Chapa determined that they would evacuate the school and once this occurred, the Chapa School Resource Officer and a School Resource Officer from Lehman High School, along with employees of Chapa conducted a search of the school. Nothing of a suspicious nature was located in the school and students were allowed to return to their classrooms.

During the same time as the search, an investigation began into the identity of the caller. An identity of the supect was obtained and at aproximately 11:45pm, Hays County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Rafael Zamora, wm 2-21-89 of an address in Kyle. Zamora was arrested near the school near the intersection of Dacy Lane and Amberwood.

Zamora was transported to the Hays County Jail and charged with Making a False Report. This charge is a State Jail Felony and is punishable by a sentence of up to 2 years in a State Jail and a fine not to exceed $10,000.00. Zamora remains in custody in the Hays County Jail.

This investigation continues.

Pictured: Rafael Zamora

Source: Hays County Sheriff’s Office

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9 thoughts on “Man arrested for middle school bomb threat

  1. My name is Ashleigh, I am an eighth grader at chapa middle school. I was there that day and would like to say that the man who threatend our school was idiotic. There is no piont in wasting our time by telling people things that are not true. I hope he knows how dumb it was for him to do that.

  2. Hi this is michaela and im a 6th grader at chapa and i was there it was scary to think a bomb was gonna go off, it was stupid for him to say that

  3. My name is Homero Cardenas and I go to chapa middel school and I think that that gay was a retarded for doing that stupid prank.

  4. My name is Tiffany and i was a 6th grader at chapa middle school when this event happened. It scared the teachers and even the students. I think this man was very dumb trying to scare us with a bomb trick.

  5. I love it that the students are participating in this website. This is your community, and you are very brave for calling out a troublemaker who is trying to disrupt it.

  6. hey im adrianna nicole you know what its pretty mest up that what such idiot can do this crap and alot of students could have been in danger and i was a student here and the guy it shows on the picture he was driving a hays van and he kept on passing by the school i hope he rots in hell!!!!!!! or jail!!

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