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May 1st, 2008
Networking leads group launches

The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce has launched a networking leads group appropriately name The Leads Group. This gathering is geared toward all sales, marketing and public relations professionals. The Leads Group was formed as a non-profit business and meets weekly.

The intention of the networking club is to develop and maintain relationships with as many other business people as possible, and learn how to match sales professionals up with their respective spheres of influence.

“Meeting with other people who are also growing their business gives me a chance to run my ideas past others and to benefit from their ideas and knowledge on topics that I may have limited experience with. There is a positive energy in the group that is motivating,” said Connie Ulmer, an agent with Terry Jester Insurance.

The group explains there are different types of sales leads: General group leads – information about a new building or business going in that will benefit many in the group; Individual leads – of the “feel free to use my name” type, and leads given directly from one member to another about the need for a product or service.

Group President, Jason Lemley from ERA Lone Star Team, stated,” This is good community networking; we want this group to grow and help our community.”

For more information on this networking group contact Jason Lemley at 512-787-5397 or


Leads group information:
newstreamz Leads_info_for_website final.doc

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  1. This is a great group with a good mix of professions. If you’re looking to grow your business by giving and receiving referrals, this is a good way to get started.

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