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April 25th, 2008
School Board Elections – Margie Villalpondo

Margie Villalpando, Doctor of Ministry Secretary for the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, is running for re-election to the SMCISD school board for single member district two (2).

Villalpando, a life long resident of the school district, has had a varied job history. Villalpando has served as staff assistant to then Congressman Greg Laughlin, Hays County Clerk, City Secretary for the City of Martindale, and worked for twenty four years for Community Action, Inc., a social service agency.

For purposes of full disclosure, Villalpando has no relatives enrolled in the school district, but has a few nieces by marriage, who are employed by the district.

Villalpando is running for re-election to the school board to continue the work that she has started. She has been on the school board for four years and has been training under the Texas Association of School Boards continuing education

For Villalpando, the single biggest problem facing the school district is “approving a balanced budget. The rising cost of fuel is increasing all costs for the school district. We want our salaries to be competitive with other districts. We want to continue initiatives for our students. Yet, these increased costs interfere with these district goals.”

Villalpando said there is a perception that neighboring school districts are better than our own. For Villalpando, though, “we are competing very well with other school districts. We do what we can to tell our district about the achievements of our students. All we can do is educate our community.”

On the issue of academics and sports, Villalpando said “we have to have a good balance. Extracurricular activities, like sports, band, and choir, are all important to our students. Students have to make the grades to be involved in extracurricular activities,” she observed.

On the issue of district growth, Villalpando said, “expected growth needs to be looked at district wide.”

Villalpando acknowledged that there are academic achievement differences and that the district has “begun working on that.” On that issue, “there has been the active involvement of the school board, the superintendent, and campus principals. We’re all working for the same goal.”

For Villalpando, the most important factor for bringing Ms. Shafer to San Marcos as superintendent, based upon her actual school system administrative experience was that “she worked up from principal to superintendent and up to a regional educational center. We thought she’d be a good fit for our school district.”

Villalpando believes that the most critical part of the educational process in our community that she feels will be an on-going problem, is that our students have different learning styles. “We need to look for ways that our children learn to adapt different teaching methods to those range of learning styles, including our non-traditional students,” said Villalpando.

In conclusion, Villalpando said that she hopes “the community knows me. I’ve been involved in community programs throughout my career and I would ask for their vote.”

School Board Election early voting runs from April 28 to May 6. Election day is May 10. Please click here to get full information on times, dates, and places for early voting and election day voting for SMCISD school board elections.

The San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate for school board candidates will be held on April 28.


Audio interview with Margie Villalpando


To read about the other District 2 nominee click their name:
Laura Duhon

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0 thoughts on “School Board Elections – Margie Villalpondo

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  2. Ms. Villalpondo,

    Many thanks for your long service to this community especially for your efforts to continue to serve on the school board. Thanks also for working with to get the word out about your views regarding the district and your vision for its future. Best of luck in your campaign.

  3. I don’t understand. Are the costs of fuel in San Marcos somehow higher than those other districts? How does the rising cost of fuel make it difficult to keep salaries competitive with other districts?

    According to the TEA website, our average teacher salary is $41,700. The state average is $41,400 and Wimberley’s is $40,500.

    Can we come up with something a little more meaningful than another plea for money?

  4. In fact, I see from the same reports that San Marcos has $9259 in tax revenue for each student, compared to $8349 for the state and $8265 for Wimberley.

    Perhaps the issue is not how much money we have, but how it is spent.

    I’d look first to the superintendent, who is paid $166,000, compared to a state average of $103,000 and $110,000 in Wimberley.

    Then, I’d work my way down.

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