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April 25th, 2008
Associated Student Government election results

After weeks of anticipation, the results are in for the Associated Student Government elections.

Brett Baker was elected student body president and Jason Moore was elected student body vice president. They were both elected with about 58 percent of the vote over challengers Courtney Strange and C.J. Morgan in this week’s runoff election.

Baker is ASG’s chief of staff and Moore is a senator. Courtney Strange is the current president of the College Democrats and C.J. Morgan is the Liaison to the San Marcos City Council. “I hope C.J. and Courtney stay involved. They have done a lot of good work for the university,” said Alexis Dabney, student body vice president.

A three way race earlier in the month decided the two tickets that would face each other in the runoff election.

“It was an interesting few weeks. Everyone worked hard and did a really good job,” said Dabney.

“We had a lot of qualified candidates, so it would have been good no matter what happened,”she added.

Baker and Moore will take office on June 1 to serve for the 2008 to 2009 school year. According the Baker and Moore’s campaign, their goals for the 2008-2009 school year is to empower students, build bridges between the university faculty and the students, and take Bobcats to a new level of excellence.

January is the start of a Texas Legislative session, bringing an opportunity for state and university relations. During the last legislative session, the Associated Student Government worked for the passage of the Athletic Service Fee and for implementation of tax-free textbooks.

The Baker and Moore ticket was endorsed by many campus groups including: Student Foundation, Inter Fraternity Council, Pan-Hellinic Council, Ducks Unlimited, Texas Trophy Hunters, Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol, and Bobcat Fans Magazine.

By Amanda Oskey

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0 thoughts on “Associated Student Government election results

  1. Brett and Jason,

    Congratulations on your victory. Best wishes in your efforts to represent student interests in the coming year.

  2. Funny how Amanda Oskey failed to mention the findings of the ASG Election Commission in her story that say the Strange/Morgan campaign committed multiple election violations and basically played dirty during the whole election.
    Can anyone out there say remiss reporting?
    I wonder if the lack of mentioning how dirty the Strange/Morgan campaing was had anything to do with Scott Gregson donating money to that same campaign.
    You know, keep all the talk of dirty politics away from the candidates he supported.
    Now that’s responsible journalism.
    You should feel proud Newstreamz for continually misinforming the students.

  3. The story was just to inform readers the winner of the elections and nothing more. If you have a story tip about the elections you would like me to cover send me a tip… don’t harass me for something that was not the intention of the story.

  4. Phill,

    This was a simple report listing who won… it was not an investigative journalism piece.

    If you have a story to report on election violations, this platform is available to you as well. Please submit a story and explain.

    As the head of editorial, I would print any vetted report that you submit. Barring any documentation, I will still publish your story in the Opinion section.

    Nothing in this piece “misinformed.”

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