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April 24th, 2008
Rick Menchaca announced as sole finalist for San Marcos City Manager

Mayor Suzan Narvaiz introduced the single finalist for the City Manager position at council chambers Thursday morning.

Mayor Narvaiz stated that “the council was presented nine candidate resumes to review,” after receiving over 70 applications, and Rick Menchaca, former City Manager in Midland, Texas, was chosen. Mr. Menchaca is president of RK Menchaca, a management and consulting firm. He has been in Municipal management for over 19 year.

Born in Uvalde, Texas, he graduated from high school in Del Rio, and earned a Master of Public Administration from Texas Tech University in 1998 and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from San Angelo State University in 1986.

Menchaca brings his wife (Kristin) and five children to San Marcos, and has family in the Austin area.

The City Council will formally consider Mr. Menchaca’s appointment on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 during a special City Council Meeting. Upon approval by City Council, Menchaca will start work on Thursday, May 1st at a salary of $170,000.

In the press conference, Mr. Menchaca commented, “that’s what I want to do – to help the city council, the citizens, and all the other stake holders, in putting together the community you want…”

By Chris Doelle

Listen to the Press Conference


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  1. Hmmmmm…. men “cha-ching” ca ! We send their school board perez and they one upped us by sending us menchaca. Guess they got their revenge

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