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April 21st, 2008
School Board Elections – Lee "Barry" Davis

Lee “Barry” Davis, US Navy veteran and retired contractor, is a candidate for SMCISD single member district one (1). Mr. Davis is a school board candidate because he wants to help the community and to “give people a choice.”

Davis and his wife have lived in their home in South Ridge Estates for over thirty years. While he has no relatives currently enrolled in school in our school district, all four of his children were educated in our schools Kindergarten through 12th grade and all graduated from San Marcos High School.

Davis, a high school graduate from Louisiana, served a three year tour in the Navy and was stationed in Vietnam. He also attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University for three semesters and in his words earned “a Ph.D. In the school of hard knocks.”

After his military service, Davis worked for a Defense Department contractor for nine years and then moved to San Marcos. Here, he established and operated a concrete products business and then started a contracting firm that did work with the highway department.

Davis has concerns about our current school district. He sees “too much follow the leader” and is very concerned about the indebtedness of our school district which to him is a “crucial” issue.

There is a debate in many school districts about the role of sports programs in public schools. Some people argue that good sports programs can improve academics while others say that an emphasis on sports undermines an excellence in academics. For Davis, “a good athletic program puts pride in\ the whole student body.” Since students want to participate in sports, “they have to keep their grades up.” So, overall for Davis, sports play a positive role in bettering grades for our student body.

Davis is a strong believer in parental involvement and student discipline. He believes that we need to “bring parents in early – don’t wait until [their children] are in high school.” For Davis, parents are very critical to students’ good study habits and reducing disciplinary problems.

“If we had no discipline problems, our schools would run smoothly,” observed Davis.

Reflecting his business experience, if Davis was granted the power to solve one school district problem instantly he would “fix McCarty Lane.” In his judgment, the road should have been fixed before the high school was built. He is very concerned about the safety of our school students saying, “it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Davis also expressed frustration with his attempt to find information from the school district office. He said getting information was “difficult” and that you “have to jump through hoops” to get it. As an example, he said that the last school board meeting to have its minutes posted on-line was the meeting on October 17, 2007.

Davis expressed his regret that he will not be able to attend our community’s League of Women Voter’s debate on April 28. Davis is an active member of many veteran’s organizations and he had made a previous commitment to attend a veteran’s convention and cannot miss it.


Audio interview with Lee “Barry” Davis

Click on the blue play button for instant streaming.

To read about the rest of the District 1 nominees click their name:
David T. Castillo
Joe Castillo

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0 thoughts on “School Board Elections – Lee "Barry" Davis

  1. Mr. Davis,

    Thanks for your commitment to our community expressed by your willingness to run for public office and discuss your views in a public forum. Also, thanks for your service to our country during the Vietnam War. Good luck in your campaign.

  2. Mr. Davis,

    We’d met at a Chamber of Commerce function a month or two ago, and it was nice to see you in the audience at Monday night’s School Board meeting.

    Sorry I didn’t have the chance to say hello.

    Best Regards,

    Peter Baen

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