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April 19th, 2008
Hit-and-runs make this a bad week for buildings

From Staff Reports

Some students trying to get some sleep at the Outpost Apartments Wednesday night were awakened by a loud crash.

Around 12:35 a.m., witnesses say a black pickup truck drove into building 5 at the complex.

After jumping the curb and striking the building, the truck fled the scene. Police caught up with the offender near the Regency Mobile Home Park.

The driver, Robert Austin Smith, 21, was arrested and charged with failure to comply with duty upon striking a fixed object.

“This has been a bad week for buildings,” said Sergeant Dave Waugh, San Marcos Police Department.

Sgt. Waugh said earlier in the week another hit and run occurred at J.R. Gymnastics that caused damage to the building. That accident is still under investigation.

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0 thoughts on “Hit-and-runs make this a bad week for buildings

  1. Amanda,

    Not your best work, ethically as a journalist you made a big mistake which shouldn’t be made again.

    Stefanie Hicks who you quoted in your story is your roommate. Do not be expected to be taken seriously as a journalist if you quote roommates,friends, etc. How many other people live at the outpost, especially in that building.

    Next time, do a little better work.


  2. Failure to comply with duty? Does that mean that the person who crashed into this building shortly after midnight and then fled the scene was sober?

    That seems unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely.

  3. I removed the quote and appologize for my lapse in judgement.

    I do appreciate the feedback-this is a learning process for me.

  4. Amanda,

    I am glad you appreciate the feedback. You are a great journalist, and have been a great part of the community through numerous things including Associated Student Government. Better to make these mistakes now, then at a big newspaper or media outlet because then you might be fired! This way it’t just a slap on the wrist, and I am sure it wont happen again!

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