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February 9th, 2008
» PALS Blog | Local groups join up for Spay Day USA


Pet Prevent a Litter of Central Texas (PALS), Mutt Strutt, and San Marcos Animal Services and have formed a partnership for Spay Day USA. During the week of February 25 through February 29, these three organizations will sponsor over 150 pet spay/neuter surgeries for those who cannot otherwise afford to sterilize their pets. “The PALS organization is helping people and the pets they love,” states PALS Executive Director Sharri Boyett. “We are very pleased to have been awarded a grant to be utilized toward spay/neuter clinic free days for pets of low-income families and public assistance clients.”

Appointments for both cats and dogs will be accepted for the Lockhart clinic, which is to be held on Monday, February 25. The San Marcos clinic, to be held on Wednesday, February 27, will be solely for cats. For those interested in either date, please contact EmanciPET for an appointment at 512-587-7729.

Additional sterilization of dogs will be performed throughout the week at various Hays County veterinarian offices. In addition to the surgery, participating vets will also provide vaccinations, deworming, and a heartworm test. To make an appointment, please call PALS at 512-754-PALS (7257). “Area veterinarians are key partners in this vital effort and we just can’t thank them enough,” comments Boyett.

Tuesday, February 26 marks the 14th anniversary of Spay Day USA and the second year of collaboration between the PALS, Mutt Strutt, and San Marcos Animal Services for a spay/neuter blitz prior to the spring breeding season. “PALS provides a sensible approach; our programs simply stop the births of unwanted pets,” says Boyett. “We educate and assist low-income families concerning the need to reduce the number of pets they provide for. This in effect, may allow them to better utilize their limited resources and better care for their families, as well as the pets. The benefits to people and animals are substantial, and the program has been greatly appreciated. By reducing the number of unwanted pets, we help ease the burden to taxpayers with the costs associated with animal control and care.”

Animals who have been spayed or neutered generally have better health and exhibit improved behavior. Not only does altering cats and dogs benefit the animal guardian and pet, but it serves to help the whole community by not adding to the overwhelming problem of pet overpopulation.

In celebration of this special and important day, please have your companion animals spayed or neutered, if not on Spay Day, then soon. If your companion animals are already fixed, consider making a donation to aid one of the organizations that help in the fight against uncontrolled breeding. Help be a part of the solution and do your duty to help end the pet overpopulation crisis by having your animals sterilized.

The mission of the Pet Prevent a Litter of Central Texas (PALS) is to help end pet overpopulation and pet homelessness in central Texas. PALS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through educational and spay/neuter programs. Their objective is to provide income-based pet sterilization services for the needy; PALS provides spay/neuter assistance all year round. Volunteers, members, and donors are needed. For more information, see

Mutt Strutt, a non-profit 501(c)(3) group, benefits the homeless pets of the San Marcos Animal Shelter. They strive to make the community a better place by providing wellness services, spay/neuter surgeries, and vaccinations to the shelter’s cats and dogs. Mutt Strutt helps to foster a humane and compassionate society through education and training. For more information, see

The City of San Marcos Animal Services manages the municipal animal shelter located at 750 River Road. In addition to animals relinquished by the citizens of San Marcos, their facility receives in stray animals collected by Hays County Animal Control. The shelter is open six days a week to the public for adoptions and pet reclaims. For more information, call 512-393-8340.

SHERRI BOYETTE, a San Marcos resident, is executive director of Pet Prevent a Litter of Central Texas, a nonprofit organization. She can be contacted at 512-392-9749 or visit the group’s Web site.

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