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December 14th, 2007
Police, narcotics taskforce seize cocaine, make arrest

San Marcos Police and the Hays County Narcotics Task Force arrested and charged a 56-year old man Thursday for multiple offenses after an anonymous tip alerted police to drug dealing in a San Marcos neighborhood.

Oscar Capetillo Lopez, age 56, (DOB: 8-06-1951) is jailed at the Hays County Law Enforcement Center under $160,000 in bonds after police recovered about 60 grams of cocaine at his home at 917 Gravel Street.

Police said neighbors tired of drug dealing in the neighborhood led to an anonymous call to police Thursday complaining of the suspect’s activities.

Lopez is charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, a first degree felony, endangering a child, a state jail felony, and evading arrest, a Class B misdemeanor. Young children living at the address in close proximity to the drugs resulted in the child endangerment charge against Lopez.

Following an anonymous tip, San Marcos Police Officers Robert Elrod and Garner Ames arrived at Lopez’s residence at 917 Gravel and saw the suspect in the driveway. Lopez fled toward the railroad tracks behind the residence.

Officers pursing Lopez observed him throwing away what was later identified by police as powder cocaine. The officers caught and arrested Lopez.

Detectives from the Hays County Narcotics Task Force heard the call unfold, said Sgt. Chase Stapp.

Task force members responded to the scene and obtained a search warrant for Lopez’s home. Inside the home, officers located about 60 grams of powder cocaine, digital scales typically used in packaging drugs for sale and small empty plastic baggies.

At the time of his arrest Thursday, Lopez had been out on bond for two other pending felony cocaine-related charges occurring at the same residence.

“We believe the anonymous call that began this investigation indicates that the neighbors in this area are tired of drug-related activities at this address,” said Sgt. Stapp.

Lopez remains in custody pending a total of $160,000 in bonds as police continue the investigation.

— City of San Marcos press release

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