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December 3rd, 2007
GUEST COLUMN: Go tell it on the mountain


I love living in the City of San Marcos and I am telling it on the mountain. I am truly excited to speak on the wonderful things going on in San Marcos, and happy to find a media outlet that focuses on the positives of our wonderful city. San Marcos is happening, from a citywide wireless internet to the revitalization of our downtown, and focusing on attracting the creative class. As I stand on the mountain I assure you my lungs are full of air and brain full of ideas. In other words let’s prepare for an outstanding future.

What are we doing in the business community to prepare for the positive future? How are we engaging our young business owners and ensuring their success? In addition, what mentoring programs have we set up with our seasoned successful business owners and our wide eyed youthful business men and women? Simply put, are we preparing to pass the baton? Traditional capitalism would motivate a business owner to keep the recipe of success a secret, but San Marcos is not a traditional place but rather a community of neighbors, training statesman and ethical business professionals. I am truly excited to have Phyllis Hunt at the helm of our Chamber. She has the energy, innovation and drive reflective of our growing community. Are we promoting local businesses by using our local businesses? Every dollar spent in San Marcos translates into money staying in San Marcos.

What are we doing in our neighborhoods to prepare for our positive future? Are we welcoming the new people on the block before conflict? Are we lending a helping hand at every opportunity? Quality of life is a necessity for our future and fortunately the heartbeat of this happiness is found in our neighborhoods. I will admit we have some infrastructure challenges to deal with in the future, but quality of life is not found in a park but in relationships built in a park, and in the meal that is shared with a neighbor at your dinner table. I am familiar with these acts because of good neighbors that have adopted me into their families. The largest challenge to ensuring quality of life is building relationships, and I know San Marcos citizens are great at doing this. Keep up the good work Pat and Amy.

I hope these brief comments motivate self reflection and community actions. Doing only for ourselves is not acceptable. Doing only for our pocketbook or state of mind is also not acceptable and not San Marcos. Together and only working together can we build a strong community. Now lets get busy!

Let me know how I can help you and I want to hear your ideas to building a better San Marcos and an outstanding future.

Chris Jones is a San Marcos City Council member. A Texas State student at the time of his election in 2005, Jones is the first student to sit on the city council since 1972.

Note: Edited for punctuation on Dec. 6.

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0 thoughts on “GUEST COLUMN: Go tell it on the mountain

  1. I didn’t actually see the answers to those questions. What are you doing to prepare the business community for the future? How are you engaging young business owners and ensuring their success? What are you doing to prepare neighborhoods for a positive future?

    No offense, but this reads like “Ask not, what your elected officials can do for you. Ask what you can do for yourselves.” This leads one to believe you aren’t planning to do anything.

    It is a shame, because I have asked many of these same questions in many forums and have never really gotten a clear answer. Clearly, you know the questions that are on our minds. What are you doing to address them? Are you saying that we are on our own here?

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