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The city of San Marcos continues making preparations as Hurricane Harvey approaches the Texas Coast.

Officials are monitoring weather conditions and readying first responders and on-call personnel to for possible heavy rain or flooding, a city spokesperson said. If needed, the city will activate its Emergency Operations Center and coordinate closely with state and local agencies such as Hays County and state emergency and recovery agencies, the spokesperson said.

Garbage, debris and drains

The city is urging residents to secure all trash, recycling and green waste carts either inside a fence area or garage, or move them to higher ground on your property. If you have any loose items like toys, trash, or tree branches, secure them as well. Also, clear drainage areas of debris so water flows more easily.

Closures and cancellations

Closures of city facilities and cancellations of City events due to weather are being posted online here. As of Aug. 25, the following events are canceled because of expected severe weather:

Shelter Game Night (Aug. 25)
Western Dance for Adults with Disabilities (Aug. 25)
Party in Your Park (Aug. 25)

The following facilities will be closed:

San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter: Beginning Saturday, Aug. 26. Residents are asked to take care of pets through the weekend, as the shelter will not be taking in pets. Animal Control will be available to take calls for wildlife and dangerous animals.

Utility outages

Residents should prepare for possible extended power outages, so stock up now on candles, lantern batteries, etc. If high winds or floodwaters cause utility outages, crews will not be able to respond until conditions are safe for them to do so.

What residents need to do

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