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Buda area real estate broker Jason Tarr has been found guilty of murder and intoxication manslaughter in the 2014 collision that killed 60-year-old Nancy Sterling Dalton.

A jury deliberated for about 7.5 hours before delivering their verdict this morning. Tarr could be sentenced to life in prison on the murder charge.

Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau delivers closing arguments for the prosecution:

Scot Courtney begins closing arguments for the defense:

Defense attorney George Scharmen:

Defense attorney Billy McNabb:

Assistant District attorney Jennifer Stalbaum:


9:30 p.m. FRIDAY, MAY 12: The story originally said Tarr could be sentenced to five to 99 years in prison on his murder conviction; the maximum sentence is life in prison.

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14 thoughts on “Tarr found guilty of murder in fatal drunken driving collision

  1. To bad Nancy had to die to take this fool off the road. He had a lot of chances to guit driving around with booze in him. Didn’t learn his lesson then, did he. I hope someone shows him a whole new meaning of love in Prison!

  2. Outstanding and compelling job by the prosecution…finally, Mr. Tarr will no longer hide among us…may Nancy Sterling-Dalton rest now in Heaven as justice is finally served!

  3. Sad story for everyone involved. No one wins in a case like this.

    I have a few questions maybe someone could help me out with. Had Mr Tarr been involved in DUI issues in the past? How was he convicted on both counts? How are the 2 different charges brought against him/what does each one mean? I also wonder how much he paid for those name brand attorneys in all.

    • If a person is on their third DUI (or more), it is treated as a felony. In addition, if somebody dies while a person is committing a felony, that person may be found guilty of felony murder. This was at least his third DUI and he was found guilty of the felony DUI. He was also found guilty of murder because he killed somebody while committing a felony.

  4. Yes! Thank GOD he is off the streets! He didn’t only have 2 previous DWI’s, he had FIVE previous. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Guess you can’t pay your way out of murder.

  5. Wow! It took 2 and a half years to convict this guy? I sure hope that he wasn’t around any kids these past years. People like this are never a good influence. Just read his record! Thank You to the Jury for making this swift decision that helps to protect everyone’s loved ones on the road.

  6. The District Attorney did a great job in adding additional charges prior to this case going to trial. Something I had asked for in a case where my Son was killed and so many of us family and community members asked the “previous” DA for a Manslaughter charge and it never happened. Repeat DUI’s… it does not matter how nice of a person you are, the DA has a duty to protect the public from repeat offenders. Too many “guilty” individuals get off Scott Free by paying a defense attorney to manipulate reality, have sudden amnesia about what really transpired, change their story several times and the person who caused the death of another innocent person walk. The family of the loved one is forever broken. Try celebrating Mother’s day tomorrow when your loved one was taken from you by an unresponcible person who walks scott free. Try celebrating any holiday, try living each moment of pain after the permanent consequences caused by the poor choices of another. Just try… I pray you never have to live this nightmare… R.I.P.

  7. He is really an okay guy. But someone is dead that others loved and he did have his chances. This is sad on so many levels. He should have smartened up, he didn’t change his behavior when he had his chances. Someone is dead who others loved. This is just sad, someone is dead, someone is going to jail forever. Life comes at you fast.

  8. Tarr is a repeat offender who has no regard for the safety of the public. He has proved that. He has no respect for the rule of law. This was again proven when he was arrested again a week before his trial started for driving a vehicle without a court ordered interlock device. He believes he is above the law. He’s lived a privileged life. I don’t care if you’re a wealthy white realtor or an illegal immigrant on his 3rd DWI and killed someone. He should suffer the same fate as an illegal immigrant with no money. Grown men make grown men decisions. Sometimes those decisions are careless, selfish, and dangerous. I’ve had people tell me over and over that nobody is perfect. To me that is a weak argument. All I can say is I am 100% perfect at not killing people and that’s all that matters to me.

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