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San Marcos police have identified the victim of a deadly motorcycle crash. The accident happened at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1500 block of Old Ranch Road 12.

Quirino Ramirez

Quirino Ramirez

San Marcos resident Quirino Ramirez, 20, was driving a 2013 Kawasaki motorcycle westbound on Old Ranch Road 12 when he struck a 2006 Toyota Corolla exiting the Highcrest Apartment complex.

The driver of the Corolla did not see the motorcycle and pulled out into the roadway in the motorcycle’s path. The motorcycle struck the side of the Toyota, ejecting Ramirez from the motorcycle. Ramirez was pronounced dead on scene.

Both the driver of the Corolla and Ramirez are registered as students at Texas State University.

The case is being investigated by the San Marcos Police Department’s collision investigation team.

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2 thoughts on “Texas State student dies in fatal motorcycle collision

  1. Given the curve and the hill, isn’t it time to do something about the safety on this piece of road? When you enter the road where the driver of the car did, you can look in both directions, see no vehicles, but if people on the road speed they can be on top of you when you turn onto Ranch Road 12. Road rage from speeders is common; they tailgate and hank their horn, sometimes pull alongside as they get near Holland Street. There is a bus stop there for CARTS, Texas State, and San Marcos CISD. There are pedestrians, and deer crossing at that point. A flashing light before the curve to the east and in the appropriate spot to the west (the pros will know where when they check it out) would help to make this stretch safer.

  2. I live on Old Ranch Road 12 and am surprised there aren’t more accidents as the configuration of the road in the area where Mr. Ramirez lost his life is so dangerous. It was made worse during the last widening of the road a few years ago. From what I understand it will be widened again (and hopefully straightened out) in 2017 with the addition of sidewalks and BICYCLE lanes. Old Ranch Road 12 will never be completely safe for anybody except motorists.

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