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In a recent edition of the Daily Record, I read that Ruben Becerra made the statement that his experience as compared to other mayoral candidates is “unparalleled”. He is correct; no parallel exists between the two mayoral candidates.

While Ruben Becerra has only served two terms, one uncompleted (due to the fact that he relocated out of the city and could no longer serve) on our city’s Planning and Zoning Commission, John Thomaides has served five (5) terms on city council and has served for five (5) years as mayor pro tem.

Additionally, as a small business owner, John Thomaides has never paid his property taxes late, nor has he ever been sued on a debt. The same can’t be said for Ruben Becerra.

There is no comparison. As the city moves forward in the time of unprecedented growth, I hope everyone realizes the importance of this runoff election and will cast a vote for John Thomaides.

San Marcos

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