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The Hays County Law Enforcement Association has voted unanimously to endorse propositions 1 and 2. Both of these are on the Nov. 8 ballot.

HCLEA exists to represent the law enforcement and corrections officers of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office as well as the deputy constables of Hays County. Our men and women, on a daily basis, provide for the safety of residents and visitors in Hays County. We feel that the quality of service we can provide in Hays County is directly linked to the quality of our facilities and infrastructure. As our county population continues to grow, so does the need to improve and expand public safety services. This tremendous growth has led to the increasing need for safety improvements on our roadways and changes to how our first responders provide services and handle emergencies, even flooding events.

We are deeply concerned with the state of our current facilities due to age, over population of inmates and high call volumes to our communications center; therefore, we have encouraged our county leaders to provide for improvements to the county jail and creation of a new 911 communications and emergency operations center.

With the explosion of growth the county has seen over the years, and will continue to see, our roads are becoming more congested and hazardous to travel. Our law enforcement officers are seeing this daily while patrolling their districts and responding to emergencies. The needs of Hays County citizens will be greatly enhanced by the improvements in the proposed bond election and the passage of these bonds will address the current and future needs of our growing community.

As fellow taxpayers, we want to be assured our tax dollars are used responsibly. This is an important and essential use of our resources and we urge citizens to come togeter in support of these measures on Nov. 8. Vote yes to propositions 1 and 2.

President, Hays County Law Enforcement Association

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Local deputies association endorses Hays County bond propositions

  1. Have you noticed, as I have, how many articles in the San Marcos Mercury quote organizations or groups which are in favor of the Hays County bond propositions? I haven’t seen one article quoting someone who is against the bond proposals. Why not interview Ashley Whittenberger or David Crowell of the Save Hays PAC, for example?

    Could the one-sided (pro bonds) coverage in the Mercury be because Jeff
    Barton is part owner? Barton’s PR firm, Gap Strategies, was paid a hefty sum of money by Hays County Commissioners Court to “sell” the public on the bonds. What better way than to run endless “puff” pieces in the Mercury and in Barton’s newspapers, The Hays Free Press and the Hays News-Dispatch.

    Barbara Hopson, Wimberley

  2. Pretty sure 90% of the content here is just letters and press releases they post. If there is no opposition story, my guess is the opposition didn’t submit one.

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