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San Marcos police are urging residents to lock their vehicles after multiple vehicle thefts led to two simultaneous interstate pursuits to Austin early Tuesday morning.

Officers were dispatched to the Sienna Pointe Apartments on Hunter Road at 2:24 a.m. Tuesday when the owner of a GMC pickup reported that it was being driven away from the property.

Patrol officers searched the area and found four vehicles lined up on Hunters Hill Road facing Stagecoach Trail, with the GMC at the back of the line. As an San Marcos police patrol car approached, the vehicles drove off and turned onto Hunter Road. Two of the vehicles collided near McCarty, and the drivers were arrested.

The two other vehicles, a black Toyota Tundra and a silver Honda sports-utility vehicle, led officers on a pursuit north on Interstate 35 to Austin. Officers say the driver of the Tundra drove recklessly and eventually abandoned the vehicle in Austin. He was arrested after a foot pursuit aided by the Austin Police Department.

The Honda led officers into a residential section of Austin off of US 290 and was abandoned by the driver, identified as Christian Pacheco, a 17-year-old Austin resident. The vehicle was abandoned near Pacheco’s home and will be processed by APD as it was stolen from Austin. Officers found a backpack which is believed to have been stolen from another car burglarized in San Marcos.

Two of the vehicles that were stolen were taken from a gated apartment complex in San Marcos and had the keys left in them.

“While police were in the area and quick to respond, it took a citizen to see something and report it so that our communications and patrol teams could help catch these out-of-town criminals preying on our community,” Klett said.

Pacheco remains at large; the three other suspects were juveniles from Austin, all of whom have previous vehicle theft offenses on their records.

“The beginning of the semester is an active time for vehicle burglaries and thefts. We’re asking all residents, especially newcomers and students, to protect their valuables and safeguard their vehicles,” assistant police chief Bob Klett said.

Police are asking residents to lock their vehicles; take valuable belongings and car keys with them; hide any valuables they must leave in their cars from sight or, better yet, secure them in the trunk or glove compartment.

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3 thoughts on “Interrupted vehicle thefts lead to two I-35 pursuits

  1. I just don’t understand why someone has to be reminded to take valuables AND YOUR KEYS FOR GOODNESS SAKE out of your car. Duh…. dum dums.

  2. Thank goodness for alert citizen and law enforcement officers whose only purpose is to protect law-abiding citizens from evil. Blue Lives Matter!

  3. When these guys are put back on the streets they go right back to stealing things that other people have worked to own. Wonder how many times they stole without being caught. Lock them up or put them to work cleaning up our streets and parks. And please, lock your vehicles.

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