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The Hays County Commissioners Court whittled a $352.6 million transportation wish list to $131.4 million during the course of an 11½-hour meeting on Tuesday.

Voters will be asked to approve borrowing money to pay for the projects as the second of two Hays County propositions on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.

The first bond proposal on the ballot would authorize the county to fund $106.4 million to renovate the existing jail on Uhland Road and build a new law enforcement and joint communications center behind the Hays County Government Center on Stagecoach Road.

The combined price tag of the two propositions is $237.8 million. The county’s debt advisor told commissioners that the county can sustain up to $250 million in new debt without an increase to the current property tax rate of 46.7 cents per $100 in appraised value.

Transportation projects that made the cut for inclusion in Prop. 2 include:

Precinct 1

Old Bastrop Highway, from Centerpoint Road to Rattler Road. Reconstruction and safety improvements. $2 million.

Dacy Lane. Widening of designated segments. $10 million.

FM 110 (San Marcos Loop) at Texas 123. Intersection improvements. $1 million.

FM 621. Various safety improvements. $3.5 million.

Texas 21 at FM 1966. Intersection safety improvements. $800,000.

Texas 21. “Corridor improvements” and right-of-way purchase. $3.5 million.

Texas 80 at Military Drive. Intersection improvements. $1 million.

Precinct 2

Dacy Lane. Widening of designated segments. $10 million.

FM 2001, from Texas 21 to White Wings Trail. Safety improvements. $9.1 million.

Hillside Terrace. Safety improvements and right-of-way purchase. $2.6 million.

RM 967. Addition of turn lanes. $5.9 million.

Buda truck bypass. Right-of-way purchase. $6.2 million.

FM 150 (Center Street). Relocation of Union Pacific switching line. $1.5 million.

Precinct 3

Centerpoint Road, from Interstate 35 to Hunter Road. Safety improvements and right-of-way purchase. $1.5 million.

Fischer Store Road at RM 2325. Intersection safety improvements. $2.5 million.

FM 3237. Safety improvements. $14 million.

Lime Kiln Road. Safety and drainage improvements. $1.5 million.

McCarty Lane, from Hunter Road to Interstate 35. Safety improvements and right-of-way purchase. $1.5 million.

Winters Mills Parkway at FM 3237 and Ranch Road 12. Intersection safety improvements. $1 million.

Precinct 4

Darden Hill Road. Widening and turn lane construction. $1.5 million.

Lime Kiln Road. Safety and drainage improvements. $1.5 million.

FM 150, from Interstate 35 (at Yarrington Rd) to FM 150 at Arroyo Ranch Road. Construction of new, realigned segment. $11.8 million.

U.S. 290 West. Safety improvements, including at intersections with Holder Lane, Martin Road, Trautwein Road, and Henly Loop. $4 million.

U.S. 290 West. Environmental clearance and right-of-way purchase for future widening. $2 million.


Improvements to drainage and low-water crossings on county-owned roads; environmental mitigation and conservation related to road construction; and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. $22.5 million.

As-needed, yet-to-be-determined projects to improve the safety and mobility of county and state roads within Hays County. $10 million.

Grand total: $131.4 million

In addition, the commissioners court specified that road bond money would not be used for expansion or extension of these existing roads, except for the addition of shoulders, turn lanes, pedestrian and bicycle facilities and for environmental mitigation:

FM 150, from Arroyo Ranch Road to Ranch Road 12

Ranch Road 12, from Old Ranch Road 12 to FM 150

FM 3237, from Ranch Road 12 to FM 150

FM 2325, from Ranch Road 12 to the county line

Ranch Road 32, from Ranch Road 12 to the Comal County line


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