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A San Marcos woman is charged with intoxication manslaughter following a car wreck Tuesday evening that killed a Bryan man on Texas 21.

At about 6:05 p.m. Aug. 2, an eastbound Chevrolet Impala driven by Shana Lee Elliott, 21, crossed the highway centerline and struck a westbound Toyota Corolla driven by Kristen Nichole Guerrero, 24.

A passenger in the Corolla, Fabian Guerrero-Moreno, 23, died in the accident. Kristian Guerrero was taken to St. David’s South Austin Medical Center with injuries of unspecified severity.

Elliott was taken to Central Texas Medical Center with minor injuries and was later arrested and charged on one count of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault.

The San Marcos Police Department is investigating the collision. The Kyle Police Department also assisted at the scene.

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3 thoughts on “San Marcos woman charged in deadly wreck on Texas 21

  1. Shortly after this accident happened at our front entrance on Highway 21, I witnessed heroic efforts by Hays County EMS and San Marcos Police to rescue the person who passed away. As a citizen and witness to your extraordinary work, I appreciate all you did to try to save the life of this person.

  2. Drunk drivers need –
    Huge fines
    Loss of license
    Loss of vehicle
    jail time – if they hurt others

    There is just no reason at all for tolerating drunk drivers

  3. AMAZING!!! We make vehicles that can parallel park THEMSELVES… slow down or stop your vehicle if you get too close to ANYTHING that triggers the sensor – similar to those that tell you your tires need inflation, you have a door ajar, or a window or hatchback senses something in the way and will stop and reverse – WITHOUT ANY HUMAN ACTION WHATSOEVER. Real basic stuff for us middle-lower class working people. Technology is UNBELIEVABLE. Just ASK your phone.
    SO… WHY AREN’T WE MANUFACTURING VEHICLES THAT WILL NOT START IF THE DRIVER HAS BEEN DRINKING?? WHY ISN’T THIS MANDATORY??? I guess it would not put money in the right pockets. I guess some lives are just collateral damage in the big business of DUI/DWI. We already have the technology… But, I guess that would just be insane to believe we would use that technology to save lives when there is sooooo much money to be made. It makes perfect sense to continue to invest more and more money into PROVING people are guilty AFTER the fact instead of investing that money to PREVENT/STOP something so tragic – that could save lives.
    THINK PEOPLE. Choose to break away from this nose-to-ass, (herd of cattle) society we have become.
    My personal hope is that people will be inspired by our Presient Elect, Donald Trump to do just that. I have never seen or heard of him mindlessly following anything or anybody. He speaks up – he speaks loudly – and, when necessary, he gets LOUDER – AND HE IS HEHED. He doesn’t whine and complain without offering a SOLUTION. (Like vehicles equipped with anti-alcohol devices)
    Just sayin…

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