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VIDEO: H-E-B discussion begins at 1:07:00 


After more than three and a half hours of discussion, the San Marcos City Council approved measures Tuesday night that will allow San Antonio-based H-E-B Grocery Co. to build a grocery store at the northwestern corner of Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road.

Council members voted 5-2 to approve the company’s proposed planned development district, including requisite rezoning, and approved a related land use map amendment by the same margin. The planned development district must be approved again on a second reading to take effect.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero and members John Thomaides, Scott Gregson, Jude Prather and Jane Hughson voted in favor with members Lisa Prewitt and Melissa Derrick voting against.

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12 thoughts on “Video: San Marcos council clears way for new H-E-B on Wonder World Drive

  1. It is important to note that the community is not in favor of the rezoning and development of this land which backs up to Purgatory Creek at the busy Wonder World and Hunter road intersection. Citizens lined up and held signs to urge Council to vote this down and wait to build their store on their McCarty Lane property. No citizen comments in favor of this proposal.

  2. I bet the public is for this by a wide margin (70/30). Public comment attendance is never a measure of public opinion. The normal parade of folks that speak out against everything showed up for this one, plus a few new faces. I am sure their opposition was sincere, but the reasons they gave were based in fear, not in fact.

    Most people stayed away assuming that council would support adding a grocery store to the south side of town. The intersection is not one of our worst ten. I walk through there once or twice a week, and have yet to feel endangered — good signal crosswalk that holds the turn lane. The site has not flooded, and the water is going to flow down Purgatory Creek which is an overflow creek that keeps the homes to its north from taking water.

  3. To skeptical: Were you even at the meeting where 30-40 people spoke against it? Two people spoke in favor of it and one was an HEB employee I know for sure as he had his tag on. I think the other person in favor was as well but do not know for sure. Even if the 70/30 which is a figure you are pulling out of your *&! were correct they would be the uninformed part of the population without a clue like you.

    All of these concerns were the same concerns in the previous incident with the apartment buildings and look what happened…those “fears” came true!!! You must not have been one of the ones flooded out.

    Regarding facts there where far too many that were unknown and especially why it should not have moved forward. Like how much additional run off from the Kissing Tree project there will be when 2300 homes are built over 10 yrs. Or how the dam has not been inspected and council did not know if it is working at full capacity. That intersection and close to it had 97 accidents 10 of them major if I remember correctly. So it is already not safe. Put an HEB there and you have students coming down Wonder World at 50-60 mph and how many deaths will there be. Wake up San Marcos!

  4. I’m with you, Skeptical…there are many of us who think the location of the new HEB is good for San Marcos. Those of us who live on the south side have to drive thru downtown and cross three railroad tracks to get to the big HEB. When school is in session it’s a nightmare. I drive to the post office (terrible location) at least four times a week, have never found the intersection to be that much of a problem at least not as bad as some others.

  5. I’m all for it. I drove it several times this morning, have reviewed the P&Z presentation material and considered the comments of those on social media. I think the concerns are mostly groundless. Seems like classic nimbyism to me. The big HEB is too crowded and traffic around it sucks and will suck worse when Springtown is completely built out.

  6. What is wrong with the land HEB owns and is not on sensitive property? They already intend to build there, and it is in a great location on the southeast side of town, very close to the new Kissing Tree development.

  7. Cori, the only thing wrong with that property as far as I can tell is that HEB doesn’t want to build there. I suppose we could shut them out of the WW/Hunter Rd site and see if they change their minds. That seems to be what most of social media wants. I expect something will go on the 6 acre WW site and it looks like HEB is planning to do a very high quality development. One question – what is sensitive about the 6 acre HEB site? Are there known karst features?

  8. If I have my facts straight, the planned HEB at McCarty and 35 was going to be a bigger store. This proposed store would be smaller – somewhere in between the “little” one and the “big” one we already have. Not really an argument in favor or against it, just info to put out there. I wonder if the HEB Plus on 306 put the kibosh on plans for a larger store in south SM?

    And they may still build on both, either, or neither property. HEB has been known to squat on property for years before doing anything with it.

    I’m for it, wherever they want to put it. South-siders (and there are more of them every day) have needed a grocery store on that side of town for a decade now. All of the typical noise from all of the usual suspects about how this development will “destroy a sensitive habitat” or whatever is, sadly, to be expected for pretty much any development in SM today. Perhaps that’s why SM lags behind all of the surrounding communities…..

  9. Usual suspects? You mean the people who keep track of encroachments on flood zones or the recharge zone, and then try to hold he City to its own zoning plans? Then yes, but with new additions. More people are paying attention and speaking up.

    To be clear though – every single person acknowleged what a good community member HEB has been and Also how a great a need there is for another store southside of town. In addition several people came to ask for a store to the east of 35, a very underserved part of town.

    It’s not the greatest place environmentally – very close to the floodway and the new FEMA maps are not yet out. Maybe we could at least wait for that info before granting a zoning change (which would go wih the land should HEB sit on it and later sell.)?

    An even greater issue though, might be traffic concerns. There is large truck traffic to deal with, a stop light and dangerous left hand turns on a road with limited visibility (Wonder world coming in to the intersection from the west), and the fact that this road was intended to be a thru way, and presented as such in the original discussions. At the end of the meeting, there still weren’t good answers to those concerns.

  10. HEB has at least two tracts of land in Travis County they are sitting on, rest assured the only grocery store that will be built there is an HEB.

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