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“San Marcos River: Life at 72 Degrees,” an eight minute long web video produced by the city and Keep San Marcos Beautiful, aims to raise awareness of the delicacy and beauty of the San Marcos River among the tens of thousands of visitors who enjoy it each year.

Filmed as a float trip down the San Marcos River, the video follows host Kory Kelly as he explains the park rules and points out special features of the river, including the endangered species that can be found nowhere else on earth. The video’s title refers to the upper river’s year-round constant temperature at it’s spring-fed headwaters.

The video “will help visitors and residents get a better understanding how their actions affect the aquatic life,” said Community Enhancement Initiatives manager Amy Kirwin, who served as the project’s co-producer with Habitat Conservation Plan manager Melani Howard.

The Crystal Creek Boys, a homegrown bluegrass and folk band comprised of brothers Matt and Nick Lochman, provides a soundtrack for the program. Members of the San Marcos Lions Club and the Texas State University football team served as extras.

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