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Letter: San Marcos River will ‘indisputably be changed for the worse’


As a registered voter and resident of San Marcos, I am concerned about the city council’s seeming hastiness to remove Cape’s Dam, especially with only one study having been conducted to explore the effects of its removal.

This area near Interstate 35 of the San Marcos River that is used for safe entry for our Boy Scouts or inexperienced kayakers, the disabled and veterans programs will indisputably be changed for the worse. It is the only ramped, safe entry point along the river where instructors and caregivers can assist those who need to be helped. With a narrower, faster moving current, this will not be possible and those citizens will have lost their haven.

It seems the focus of this issue has been amiss. Does the safe reproduction of a certain fish or Texas Wild Rice really take precedence over the health and emotional well-being of our disabled citizens and veterans? More of a shock to hear that the increase was less than one percent in the first report. Even worse, we will actually pay to fill in part of our San Marcos River?

I know many in this community that have not been informed of the gravity of this issue and would like the opportunity to have their say. The removal of Cape’s Dam needs to be left to the taxpaying voters of San Marcos to decide.

San Marcos

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