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This just in from Steve Lightfoot, a Texas Parks & Wildlife Department spokesperson:

Law enforcement officials from the State Park Police, Texas Game Wardens and San Marcos Police Department arrested two individuals on Wednesday in connection with defacing of the iconic Enchanted Rock.

Charles Agawereh

Charles Agawereh

National media attention surrounding an image in a Facebook post showing two individuals standing near the vandalized Texas natural landmark helped lead state and local investigators to an arrest on several violations, including state jail felony graffiti and drug-related charges.Charles Agawereh, 24, and Meredith Baird, 21, both of San Marcos, have been taken into custody and booked into the Hays County Jail. The pair is accused of painting graffiti on the south face of the summit at Enchanted Rock State Park near Fredericksburg. The massive pink granite dome rising above Central Texas has drawn people for thousands of years.

Meredith Baird

Meredith Baird

The incident occurred March 20 and a photograph of the suspects standing in front of the graffiti placed on social media eventually led to information identifying both individuals.Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement officials, including State Park Police and State Game Wardens from the Criminal Investigations Division and Tactical Operations K9 Unit and Scout Team, worked in conjunction with San Marcos Police Department and the Hays County Narcotics Task Force on the investigation.

Additional charges are pending as a result the arrest and search warrant execution.

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5 thoughts on “Two San Marcos residents charged with Enchanted Rock graffiti

  1. Cannot believe these ppl.I’ve been goin there since i was an infant. darn shame how these young kids don’t even give a crap about something so beautiful. Heartbreaking!

  2. What a rotten thing to do. And to post your pic on Facebook is just astonishingly stupid.

    The female half of this couple had been teaching at Hays CISD, though it’s a pretty safe bet that’s all over now.

    And those nicknames. Ay carumba.

    Well, two futures down the drain and a gorgeous landmark desecrated. All in a day’s work.

  3. I was wrong on the Facebook posting issue. The photo was not posted by the perpetrators; rather it was taken by another park visitor who witnessed the couple up to no good, and then posted the photo on Facebook in hopes someone would recognize CA$H and Truck.

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