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A San Marcos police detective identified the suspects in the March 20 Enchanted Rock vandalism case that made national news when he recognized the nicknames scrawled on the side of the ancient landmark.

The nicknames, “Ca$h” and “Truck,” belong to San Marcos residents Meredith Baird, 21, and Charles Agawereh, 24.

Agawereh had been arrested Jan. 15 on charges of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance (cocaine), a first-degree felony.

Baird was not present during the execution of the Jan. 15 search and arrest warrant of her and Agawereh’s apartment, but detectives found papers with the nickname “Ca$h”  that was linked to Baird. Agawereh’s nickname “Truck” was already known to police.

The San Marcos police detective shared the information with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and state and local agencies started building a case.

Agawereh and Baird were arrested Wednesday, April 6 when Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement officials, working in a joint operation with San Marcos Police Department and the Hays County Narcotics Task Force, executed a search warrant at a San Marcos apartment that the Agawereh and Baird share.

Both face state felony graffiti charges and face up to two years in state jail and up to a $10,000 fine if convicted.

They also face narcotics charges for possession of marijuana, amphetamine pills, and ecstasy found in the apartment. The narcotics charges range from a Class B misdemeanor for the marijuana to a state jail felony for the ecstasy and a second degree felony for the amphetamine.


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