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When my husband and I donated the Stokes Park property to the state of Texas, we were told that the city of San Marcos would preserve the mill race and other historical river features surrounding Thompson’s Island.

Thus I have been shocked to learn that the city council may vote this month to destroy Cape’s Dam, divert the river from the Mill Race, fill and pave over the channel, and extinguish the beautiful falls and the pool below. I understand this is being done at the recommendation of well-intentioned Texas State experts whose statistical models predict benefits from an experimental attempt to return the river to its natural state

But how dare the city “play God” with a risky experiment? The wiser and more conservative choice and keeping faith with our trust in prudent stewardship will be to take the steps needed to restore and preserve this beautiful place.

San Marcos

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One thought on “Letter: Don’t betray stewardship of Stokes Park

  1. This place is beautiful and has tons of history. Its bad enough they built apartments next to it. LEAVE IT ALONE.

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