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2:14 p.m. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 13: This just in from Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler: 

“Until my opponent offers something specific, I trust folks to see through this tactic and ignore him. If he ever gives specifics, I’ll look forward to setting the record straight.”



12:37 p.m. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 13: Setting the stage for a third bruising campaign between two rival lawmen, former Hays County Sheriff Tommy Ratliff said this morning that he will detail “criminal allegations” involving current Sheriff Gary Cutler at a press conference tomorrow on the Old Hays County Courthouse square.

“As a retired Texas Ranger and a former county sheriff, I have personally investigated and put men behind bars for far less” than the crimes he will accuse Cutler of committing, Ratliff said in a written statement distributed to media.

A spokesperson for the Ratliff campaign, Reagan Peterson, said forthcoming allegations against Cutler are related to his public duties as sheriff but declined to say more. The press conference will be held 10 a.m. Jan. 14.

“Mr. Ratliff wants to release it all at once. He’s going to kind of keep it under wraps until the press conference,” Peterson said.

Cutler, who unseated Ratliff as sheriff in 2010 and beat Ratliff again in 2012, did not immediately return a phone call this morning seeking comment. Ratliff and Cutler face each other in the Republican Party primary on March 1; the winner faces Democrat Rodrigo Amaya in the Nov. 8 general election.

When Sheriff Allen Bridges died of a heart attack in December 2008, the Hays County Commissioners Court appointed Ratliff to fill the vacancy until the next general election.

Running as a Democrat in 2010, Ratliff was turned out of office by Cutler, who won 21,569 votes, about 55.7 percent, to Ratliff’s 17,137 votes, about 44.3 percent. In the Republican Party primary two years later, Cutler won 6,111 votes, about 65 percent, to Ratliff’s 3,281 votes, about 35 percent.

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One thought on “Ratliff calls press conference to unveil ‘criminal allegations’ against Cutler

  1. And Now the heat is on, and once again we will be faced with issues that will likely result in bitterness among our officials and within the community. Rather than dig up dirt on candidates, I would like to focus on real issues and concerns relating to criminality/crime, police and community relations which is at an all time low. At this time we have more issues that are not addressed with Law enforcement and race relations. Moreover, community relations that cannot be ignored. We cannot say it will never happen here, “Never Say Never”. We are a growing community and will see more people moving to our City and County. This will change the face of our communities as well as our direction. Therefore, we need to address real issues in real time and prepare for the future.

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