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Retired San Antonio school district chief Sylvester J. Perez withdrew his name from consideration for San Marcos CISD interim superintendent on Tuesday after trustees declined to choose between three finalists for the position on Monday.

In an email forwarded to school board members, Perez said “the current board needs to unite in order to attract and hire a quality permanent superintendent.”

“I believe that SMCISD is at a pivotal point in many areas, including leadership, if it is going to reach its full potential. It is also apparent to that student performance is on the cusp of not meeting standards without full focus and support,” Perez wrote. “Therefore, I decided to concentrate on my consulting schedule and my future as a senior lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio.”

During a special meeting Jan. 4, trustees interviewed Perez and two other applicants on their short list for interim superintendent: Former Comal ISD Superintendent Marc H. Walker and former Dripping Springs ISD assistant superintendent Gregory A. Jung.

Superintendent Mark Eads is scheduled to retire effective Jan. 31, a departure he announced in September. Trustees plan to meet again Jan. 19 on the forthcoming vacancy in the school district’s top administrative position.

After serving as the San Marcos CISD schools superintendent between July 2002 and November 2006, Perez led the Midland school district as superintendent between December 2006 and June 2010. He was the interim San Antonio ISD superintendent between March 2012 and June 2013 and held that permanent position for nearly two years until his retirement last May.


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9 thoughts on “Perez says he’s out of the running for San Marcos CISD superintendent

  1. Thank goodness – just look at his record with San Marcos, Midland ISD, and SAISD. Only question I have is why is HR information being leaked to the press? Isn’t this a personnel issue? Hadn’t they not decided on who they were choosing? Why are School Board trustees forwarding information to the press – are there any rules against releasing personnel info?

  2. Why does our school district have so much trouble attracting and keeping our superintendents?
    There’s an elephant in the room and apparently no one will look at it. Doesn’t say much for the parents/voters in this town, does it?

  3. Jim – I agree. There is a completly disfunctional school board with several members who seem do nothing other than micro-manage superintendents. It comes to no suprise that the current superintendent is leaving after listening to how some bark at him during meetings. I wish they could all come together with the students and community at heart.

  4. One problem is single-member districts vs having all the candidates be “at-large”. (I’m not familiar with the correct terminology) Finding good candidates who want to serve on the thankless, unpaid school board is hard enough but when you further limit your candidates by saying they must live in a certain area, good volunteers are damn near impossible to find. Lupe Costilla has been on there since 1993 – about 23 years too long. She seems to mostly care about how Hispanics will benefit. Miguel Arredondo lacks the maturity – I think he’s the main reason Eades wanted out. I bet if Miguel moved to Dallas, Eades would ask for his job back. And then John Crowley… ugh.

  5. SMSince95 – you hit the nail on the head! Costilla only seems to care about what color people are, and Arredondo seems to only care about self promotoion. Wasn’t he also arrested recently for public intoxication? Classy.

  6. Bingo! Twenty-three years of running this school district into the ground is enough already. Again I ask, where are the parents/voters? How in the world can any of them justify electing this person over and over and over again when it’s obvious she not only creates problems, she IS the problem. Also, voting in a 20+year-old to supposedly “run” this district is the biggest folly of all. What are you thinking, parents/voters????

  7. I think Mrs. Hansen, Mr. Arredondo, Mr. Crowley, and Mrs. Costilla’s colorful histories and past are out there for those who’ve been paying attention.

    Hansen got reassigned for misspending district funds and federal dollars, Arredondo is a cocky kid that still acts like an inexpierenced and immature college kid, his PI arrest shows a clearly lack of better judgement, Crowley is rumored to have sexually harassed his employees during his time with the district, and Costilla’s prejudices are more than transparent. Adding insult to injury, it’s of my opinion that Villapando has frequent stints of dementia during board meetings.

    Unfortunately, this community gets what it elects. The voters are ultimately responsible.

  8. So, let’s be real honest, why isn’t any one invesigating why Miguel Arredondo was arrested for public intoxication, peed on himself, and provided the arresting officer with an address on Perkins street for his home address… NOT IN THE DISTRICT HE RAN FOR. Guess that’s what happens when Mrs. Porterfield is backing him up – she covers up for him. Voter fraud – how nice.

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