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In San Marcos City Council elections, voters will choose between Scott Gregson and Frank Arredondo for place 5 and between Shane Scott and Melissa Derrick for place 6. Polls close at 7 p.m. 


Final, unofficial Hays County election results [pdf]

San Marcos City Council Election | 2015 results

Final, unofficial results. 19 of 19 precincts reporting.

San Marcos City Council, Place 5

Frank Arredondo1,05134.82%
Stephen Herrera782.58%
Scott Gregson1,88962.59%

San Marcos City Council, Place 6

Melissa Derrick2,02367.21%
Shane Scott98732.79%

San Marcos City Charter Election | 2015 results

Final, unofficial results. 19 of 19 precincts reporting.

San Marcos Prop 1


San Marcos Prop 2

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12 thoughts on “Election 2015: San Marcos City Council Election Results

  1. Voting power gives citizens control over the progress of their cities and communities. Failure to exercise that right gives a voice to the few and not the many. Voting is accountability! To complain after the fact because of lost control of or city then become the fault of the citizens.

  2. I didn’t think Sam Brannon could muster that many nut jobs on the fluoride issue. Great day for the dentists of San Marcos.

  3. Sad day when people decide to give up their rights to petition. Not very democratic at all of our city council to even put prop 2 forward. Those who think people who are against floride in the water are just conspiracy nuts obviously just believe what they’re told and are just blindly obedient. We get floride in tooth paste and at the dentist. Have any profloride people researched the differences and changes in the human brain for clean water drinkers and floride water drinkers. I think they haven’t. Again it’s a sad day when voters turn over their democratic rights to get things on the ballot to a small handful of people.

  4. 5- Iodine. Iodine detoxifies, among many toxins, fluoride. Fluoride is a very dangerous neurotoxin that damages the brain, lowers IQ, damages the hormonal glands, and has countless other damaging effects. It is what the nazis used in drinking water to break people’s will and make them more docile, submissive, obedient and less resistant. In 1954, the chemist Charles Perkins wrote a book called The Truth About Water Fluoridation and among his writings are the following:

    “In the 1930’s, Hitler and the German Nazi’s envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.”

    “The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty.”

    “I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great IG Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years’ research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine–any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.”

  5. Way to go Sam. Science rules. BTW The only countries to put fluoride in water are the USA & Nazi Germany. The fluoride in water supplies is not the in your toothpaste. Arrogant folks ought to do their homework instead of borrowing their opinions

  6. Sad day for San Marcos. Passing the fluoride ban makes us look like nut jobs and the last thing we needed on Council was this combination of no-growther and his personal assistant.

    Wonder how it would have worked out if many of our residents hadn’t been dealing with flood damage?

  7. I’m pleased with the City Council outcomes. But to brand Gregson and Derrick as “no-growthers” is simply wrong. Gregson is a successful local business owner and investor whose history in this town demonstrates a desire to improve on the strengths of San Marcos, not decimate them. Derrick is a long-time San Martian, Texas State employee and business owner. These are not Occupy Everything radicals who chain themselves to trees. They are reasonable people who want to lend a hand in making the difficult choices this city must make as it continues to grow and, hopefully, attract new salary-level jobs.

    The Council has enjoyed decades of pro-development, “build anywhere” majorities. It’s time to see what a different set of values might mean for the future of this city, and for the fragile treasures it holds.

  8. Business owner, that is funny. But like her or not, we are stuck with her for a while so I hope she does a great job.

    Fluoride-free winning in a landslide shows our electorate cannot distinguish reliable sources of information from unreliable sources. Somebody wrote a book in 1954 so it must be true, just quote it. Despite all our achievements building the most dynamic economy in the history of mankind, we have been robbed of IQ by secret poisoning — that is stupid. Just as dumb is the argument that kids will get all they need at the dentist and through use of toothpaste. You should poll elementary school kids from poor homes on toothpaste usage. Shockingly low, and they don’t need another cause of absenteeism.

  9. Oh, you’re right. Gregson will vote for plenty of growth….as long as it’s downtown where all of his business interests are located. And Derrick will simply do whatever Gregson tells her to.

  10. Many of our electorate can distinguish between reliable vs. non-reliable sources and they voted to go fluoride-free. Seriously, with <6% of voters coming out, you think that only the idiots showed up to vote? Poll elementary school children in San Marcos on their consumption of pesticide-laden produce available from free and reduced price breakfast and lunch. They get plenty of fluoride that way. But that's not OK to talk about or criticize.

  11. I don’t buy that these two new Council members will vote against any growth that doesn’t personally enrich them or their friends.

    That said, I think we’d all benefit from distinguishing between growth and apartment sprawl. I don’t agree that these are one and the same.

    I wish them both luck and, like skeptical, here’s hoping they do a great job.

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