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Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott spoke at a dedication ceremony on Sunday for new ultrasound equipment recently donated to Central Texas Life Care, a San Marcos crisis pregnancy resource center near Texas State University.

“This brand new ultrasound equipment means Central Texas Life Care can continue to provide critical, life-saving services for thousands of mothers and their unborn children,” Abbott said.

Used to produce images intended to dissuade women from having abortions, the obstetrical ultrasound was purchased by Knights of Columbus Council 3458 at St. John Catholic Church with funds raised locally and matched by the national Knights of Columbus fraternal service organization.

Founded in 1984 as the Hays County Coalition for Life, the nonprofit Central Texas Life Care offers free services that include pregnancy testing, counseling and adoption referrals to women who become unexpectedly pregnant.

Located less than a mile from Texas State at 115 Warden Lane, the center’s clientele is predominately 18- to 25-year-old unmarried women and are often enrolled at the university, executive director Cheri Martin told the University Star.

The center already provided ultrasounds as part of its program but the old equipment was not less sophisticated than the machine, which allows for four-dimensional video images, Martin said. The old machine will be donated to a crisis pregnancy center in San Antonio.

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9 thoughts on “First lady dedicates new ultrasound at San Marcos crisis pregnancy center

  1. Yes Maggie, how sickening that women should have free access to information they voluntarily seek to help them make one of the most important decisions in their life.

  2. Ahhh…this commenting system leaves out everything in angle brackets. Oops.

    Doctors are better than lying activists who get between women and actual medical care.

    It is sickening… literally.

  3. “lying activists”, Maggie??? What you really mean is you don’t want anybody giving information or advice to young women who become pregnant that their are alternative solutions other than killing a baby.

  4. Wait, doesn’t “pro choice” imply that there is an actual choice? One option being abortion and the other being to have the baby? You would think that “pro choice” actually means “abortion is the only choice” the way some people rail against pre-abortion education and programs that actually fully inform a pregnant woman of her options…..sad, really.

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