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COVER: San Marcos CISD Superintendent Mark Eads answers questions about two bond propositions totaling nearly $77 million at a San Marcos Area League of Women Voters forum in April 2013. SAN MARCOS MERCURY FILE PHOTO by JON SHAPLEY


San Marcos CISD Superintendent Mark Eads will resign his post effective Jan. 31, he told school district trustees and administrators in a letter distributed this afternoon.

The 266-word correspondence recounts advances made during Eads’ four-plus year tenure including voter approval of $77 million in bond sales to fund a capital improvement program and strengthening of the “Core Four” coordination between the school district, city, county and Texas State University.

Eads offers no reason for his leaving in the letter, which is dated Sept. 10 but sent to the full board of trustees on Sept. 11. In August, trustees extended Eads’ contract through 2017 with a 2.5 percent raise to his $196,000 base salary; he would have been making $200,900 annually with the increase.

In April 2011, Eads was named as the lone finalist to replace former superintendent Patty Shafer, who had announced her resignation the previous August. By the end of January, Eads will have served in the position about four years and eight months.

Full text of the letter follows:

Dear SMCISD Team, San Marcos Community, and the SMCISD Board of Trustees:

We have all accomplished so much over the past four years. Our community embraced our District in supporting our bond program and TRE to allow SMCISD to have the necessary facilities that our students and staff need and deserve. Thank you, community members.

We have become a strong team as the Core Four: SMCISD, Texas State University, Hays County, and the City of San Marcos. The Core Four has developed many partnerships that will continue to be a model for others to follow. Thank you, Core Four.

SMCISD’s team of employees has exhibited their passion for our students by receiving numerous district, state, and national recognitions. Your commitment to our students and their families is so evident in your actions. Thank you, SMCISD team.

SMCISD continues to be the school system for other districts to tour and interview. We are having a positive impact on our students and community. San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District and the San Marcos Community is the place to be. We are the best kept secret in Central Texas. The systemic plans of action, partnerships, and having the best team members in place will allow SMCISD to continue on the journey of being the “Learning Community of Texas”.

I am so proud to have had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful organization and to have developed relationships that will continue. My family and I love this area and we look forward to being active members of the District and community. I will be resigning from public education on January 31, 2016. May God continue to bless us all.

Rattler Proud,

Mark E. Eads


Eads’ letter announcing intention to resign 09/11/15 [pdf]

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7 thoughts on “Eads says he will resign as San Marcos CISD superintendent in January

  1. I agree. Eads had big plans for SMCISD…and he had a huge hole to dig out of. Too bad the school board was too small minded to see it and gave him so much grief. Hey, we can’t have people thinking positive thoughts about our school district for a change! Makes me glad I’m moving my family out of the district next summer….

  2. He lists a lot of vague accomplishments but where are the actual numbers that show our students improved academically while he was here? Numbers don’t lie.

  3. It’s a “long game”….you can’t always introduce new programs into a district and see immediate results – particularly when the parents in that district place so little emphasis on education at home.

    SMCISD is fighting an uphill battle and always will be until the attitude of its residents regarding education changes dramatically.

    And it’s going to take even longer when our School Board is too busy fighting over the cheerleading squad and multimillion dollar athletic facilities for losing programs to address the academic issues around here.

    So yeah, I’d love to pull my kids out of the district sooner than next year….but that’s not in the offing so SMCISD will get the benefit of counting their exemplary test scores for one more year…..

  4. Dano, hope you and the family do well in the new location. We may have disagreed on some issues, but you care deeply; which puts you ahead in my book.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Winchester. I remember us agreeing as much as we disagreed – but either way, I’ve always enjoyed the discourse with you too.

    We’re not going too far away, though. We’ll still be working in SM and be part of this community. We’re just moving down the road into Comal ISD. Much to the chagrin of whatever “just my two cents” is, I’ll still be around….promoting rational thought wherever possible.

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