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So far, $12.3 million in individual assistance has been allocated from FEMA to people impacted by floods, storms and tornadoes in the Austin metro region. More than $7.6 million of that has been disbursed in Hays County; in Caldwell County, total FEMA assistance surpassed $1M for the first time last week. 


About 3,800 residents hit by a series of floods, storms and tornadoes in Central Texas have collected more than $12.3 million in housing grants and other assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency since May 29.

flood of 2015 icon blueThree-quarters of total individual assistance disbursements so far — nearly $9.5 million — has gone to residents of Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe and Blanco counties, the four counties affected most directly by deadly and destructive flooding along the Blanco River during Memorial Day weekend. Residents in Hays County alone have received more than $7.6 million.

Here is a county-by-county look at FEMA individual assistance as of Sunday, Aug. 9, according to figures released Monday by FEMA spokesperson Robin Smith:

hays-countyHays County
Registrations: 1,903
Disbursements: $7,610,842
caldwell-countyCaldwell County
Registrations: 273
Disbursements: $1,071,135
Guadalupe County
Registrations: 111
Disbursements: $275,300
blanco-countyBlanco County
Registrations: 148
Disbursements: $514,470
travis-countyTravis County
Registrations: 495
Disbursements: $854,860
bastrop-countyBastrop County
Registrations: 473
Disbursements: $993,450
williamson-countyWilliamson County
Registrations: 418
Disbursements: $1,055,973


Registrations: 3,821
Disbursements: $12,376,030
as of 08/09/15

FEMA deadline nears

The deadline to register for individual aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency is Aug. 27. People can register online, by phone or in person at a disaster recovery center.

Phone: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)

COVER: FEMA federal coordinating officer Kevin Hannes speaks to local residents at a town meeting in Wimberley on June 4. Residents in Hays County have collected nearly $7.6 million in individual assistance from FEMA, a figure that does not include other forms of local, state, federal and nonprofit aid. PHOTO by JOCELYN AUGUSTINO

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