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More than 12 hours of 911 recordings released this week by authorities chronicle the fear and panic that washed over Hays County late May 23 as a wall of water roared down the Blanco River through Wimberley and then San Marcos. A chronology of the flood’s deadly first hours: 

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3 thoughts on “911 calls chronicle waves of terror as flood moved through Hays County

  1. I am appalled that you think posting 911 calls is news. How sad for the families of all the victims. The news media is becoming more and more insensitive to people’s pain. Shame on you.

  2. News has and always will report on devastation and loss.
    The majority of people seem to find it enthralling and informative. No worse than gossip in my opinion. If you don’t like to see or read the bad parts, then don’t. This is your given right. No one forced you read the article.

    Dont bash the news because you feel it is inappropriate.
    People want to know these things regardless. I am one of those people. I feel tremendous sorrow for the families affected by this tragic event. I would feel the same if it were my immediate family. Regardless, I still would want to know all the details of the event. Its how I try to piece things together myself.

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