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A crumpled warning sign marks the submerged Scull Road bridge at the San Marcos River on May 24. PHOTO by JON WILCOX/THE UNIVERSITY STAR

$33 million
cost of damage to public infrastructure


Hays County officials this afternoon released updated estimates for the cost of damage caused by the Memorial Day weekend floods that tore through the Blanco River basin.

About 1,019 homes in the Wimberley and San Marcos areas were destroyed or damaged, officials said, with 496 additional homes were impacted in more minor ways by the floods. The cost of rebuilding roads, bridges, buildings and other public physical infrastructure is now estimated at $33 million.

This does not include the unanticipated costs of emergency operations such as rescue and debris removal.

Hays County homes destroyed by the flood

Hays County homes sustained major flood damage

Hays County homes sustained minor flood damage

homes affected in less significant ways by flood

Officials have yet to venture an estimation of how much the money flood destruction will cost private property owners. An assessment of business losses is not yet available.

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  1. Heather, We will update with Caldwell County damage assessment as soon as we get something official.

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