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The governing bodies of Hays County, San Marcos and Wimberley ISD voted on Tuesday to authorize the Hays Central Appraisal District to reassess properties destroyed or damaged last month by unprecedented flooding along the Blanco River.

Preliminary appraisal notices mailed to owners on May 1 typically detailed substantial property value increases measured, in some jurisdictions, by double-digit percentages. A little more than three weeks later, flooding wiped about 70 homes off the map and damaged many hundreds of others in the Wimberley and San Marcos areas.

It is too early to estimate how much tax rolls will be eroded by the devastation, chief appraiser David Valle said Thursday morning. This year’s now-obsolete preliminary appraisals indicated that the market value of property within the county increased from $17.03 billion to $19.56 billion since last year, a 14.9 percent increase.

Following votes this week by the Hays County Commissioners Court, the San Marcos City Council and Wimberley ISD trustees, the appraisal district will begin re-appraising properties in flood-damaged areas.

San Marcos CISD trustees are expected to consider asking for re-appraisals on June 15, but so far other layers of local government such as emergency service districts have not authorized reappraisals, Valle said. The city of Wimberley does not levy a property tax. (The Dripping Springs City Council and Dripping Springs ISD trustees could also ask for re-appraisals for more than two dozen homes hit by a May 23 tornado but, so far, do not seem to be moving in that direction.)

The re-appraisal process is expected to take eight to 12 weeks, Valle said, and then people whose properties have been reappraised will have 30 days to file protests.

For re-appraised properties, 2015 taxes will be pro-rated. Pre-flood final appraisals will apply to the period between Jan. 1 to May 23; new appraisals will apply to the remainder of the year, said Hays County tax assessor-collector Luanne Caraway, who chairs Hays CAD’s board of directors.

Not all areas within Hays County, San Marcos and Wimberley ISD will be re-appraised. Property owners who missed the June 1 deadline for protesting their preliminary values can still submit late applications by July 20. Hays CAD‘s appraisal review board does not have the authority to waive the June 1 deadline but can accept applications that are submitted late for good reason, Caraway said.

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Property owners impacted by flooding can still submit late applications to appeal 2015 preliminary property values.

By email:

By mail:
21001 N IH 35
Kyle, TX 78640

By fax:

Property owners displaced by flooding need to submit new mailing addresses to Hays CAD. They can do so by email here or by mail to 21001 N. IH 35, Kyle, TX 78640

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