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KYLE — Two Hays County municipalities are looking for “mutually beneficial” terms under which Mountain City would yield more than 675 acres of current and future extraterritorial jurisdiction to the city of Kyle.

An interlocal agreement approved by the Hays County Commissioners Court on April 28 and by the Kyle City Council on May 5 would have Mountain City transfer sponsorship of the 675.4-acre Anthem Municipal Utility District to Kyle.

While acknowledging that the proposed agreement is unpopular among many of her 646 constituents, Mountain City Mayor Tiffany Curnutt said her council wants to “give it a good look and dive in and see if there are any benefits for the city of Kyle, Mountain City and the surrounding area,” Community Impact News reported on Wednesday.

“I want to see all sides and hear everything everyone wants to say,” Curnutt told Impact News. “I really want to know what everyone believes will be mutually beneficial. … We’re not trying to get one over on Kyle, and I don’t think they are either.”

If Mountain City consents, the city of Kyle would extend its water and wastewater systems to serve the proposed development’s 2,200 homes. By providing another way to secure access to critical utilities, the deal undermines Anthem developer Clark Wilson’s need to buy groundwater pumped from the Trinity Aquifer in Hays County by a controversial Houston company, Electro Purification LLC.

In other local water news this week, Buda Mayor Todd Ruge told the Hays Free Press that his council is willing to consider alternatives to the one million gallons of groundwater per day it is contracted to buy from EP.

“If we are able to secure another water source, we can definitely re-evaluate current water sources,” Ruge told the Hays Free Press for a story published May 20. “Our hope is that we can still find [an alternative]. EP wasn’t our first choice.”

The Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency is attempting to broker a deal that would essentially sublease rights to Canyon Lake surface water from the city of Kyle, the Hays Free Press reports. Kyle has firm rights to about 9 million gallons a day from GBRA but uses only about 3 million gallons a day.


Kyle-Mountain City-Hays County interlocal agreement [pdf]

Middle Trinity water availability study commissioned by Electro Purification [pdf]

Dec. 18 development agreement between the city of Mountain City and Mountain City 150 LP [pdf]

Presentation on Anthem development for Mountain City Council [pdf]

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