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The San Marcos Police Department has identified the man who was struck and killed on the railroad tracks near Wonder World Drive in San Marcos Friday afternoon.

Richard Alonzo Natal, 50, of San Marcos was struck by a train at about 3:30 p.m. April 17 and was declared deceased by Justice of the Peace Jo Anne Prado via phone shortly after police found him at the scene.

Witnesses say Natal was lying on the northbound tracks when he was struck, said assistant police chief Bob Klett. A Union Pacific employee on the train applied the brakes and blew the horn repeatedly. According the train’s crew, Natal spotted the approaching train and tried to get up, but was struck and killed before he could leave its path, Klett said.

Police have not confirmed why Natal was on the tracks.

The collision forced the train to stop, blocking Wonder Word Drive under the overpass crossing the UP railroad tracks for more than two hours. The overpass itself remained open to vehicle traffic.

Union Pacific Railroad Police initially took the lead in the investigation because the collision occurred on UPRR property and will continue to look into collision details. The investigation of Natal’s death is being handled by the San Marcos Police Department.

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