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After giving the measure initial approval earlier this month, the San Marcos City Council is scheduled on Tuesday to take a second vote on double-digit percentage increases in the compensation its members receive.

Saying their responsibilities have increased in recent years in tandem with the population, a council majority voted on April 7 to raise the mayor’s monthly stipend from $1,200 to $1,700, a 41.6 percent increase, and to raise council members’ monthly stipends from $950 to $1,450, a 52.6 percent increase.

Council members approved the pay raise 5-2 with Jude Prather and Shane Scott dissenting. Mayor Daniel Guerrero and council members John Thomaides, Ryan Thomason, Lisa Prewitt and Jane Hughson voted in favor.

Since becoming a “home rule” municipality in 1967, compensation and expense reimbursement levels for the mayor and council members were established in the city charter and changes required voter approval in a citywide election.

In November 2008, voters approved a charter amendment that grants council members the authority to set their own compensation through an ordinance approved in a public meeting. In November 2009, the council allocated $950 monthly for the mayor and $500 for council members; in 2013, compensation was increased to $1,200 monthly for the mayor and $750 for council members.

Here’s a look at compensation received by council members in other Texas cities:

What other Texas cities pay their city council members




Austin$6,863/month [1]$5,839/month [1]
Cedar Park$0/month$0/month
College Station$0/month$0/month
New Braunfels$300/month [2]$200/month [2]
Round Rock$1,000/month$1,000/month
San Antonio$3,000/month$80/month [3]
[1] Austin mayor receives $82,387 annually ($100,421 with benefits) and city council members receive $70,075 annually ($87,167 with benefits)

[2] New Braunfels mayor receives $75 per meeting and council members receive $50 per meeting. Monthly compensation used in this table based on an estimated average of four meetings per month.

[3] San Antonio council members receive $20 per meeting, not to exceed $1,040 annually. Monthly compensation used in this table based on an estimated average of four meetings per month.
SOURCE: City of San Marcos staff research

CORRECTION: Under the proposal being considered April 20, the mayor would be paid $1,700 monthly and council members would be paid $1,450 monthly. The story orignally had the amounts transposed.

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One thought on “San Marcos council members poised to finalize pay raise for San Marcos council members

  1. Dang, I wish I could give myself pay raises. A 53% raise seems like an abuse of a ordinance given in good will by the towns people. I call BS on their justification in that their responsibilities have grown with the population. They knew what they were getting into when they ran for office. Take a look at the other cities listed above. Like they have more work than San Antonio ? Laughable.
    Voters need to revisit this amendment.

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