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Mercury Media San Marcos LLC, parent company of the San Marcos Mercury and Bobcat Magazine, has reached a settlement agreement with its former advertising director, Melissa Jewett.

Under terms of the agreement, both parties will drop their claims in exchange for the consideration being paid to Jewett.

“Melissa Jewett was an effective and efficient advertising director. I regret that our professional relationship deteriorated to the point it could not be salvaged,” Mercury Media owner Brad Rollins said. “I wish Jewett the best in her career and know we both look forward to putting this unfortunate episode behind us.”

Rollins and Mercury Media were represented by San Marcos attorney John McGlothlin. Jewett was represented by San Marcos attorney Mark Cusack.

As part of the settlement, Rollins agreed to write and publish this letter to Jewett:


During the nine months you sold advertising for the San Marcos Mercury, you were not only an efficient and effective colleague, you were a valued friend.

Because of circumstances beyond my control — but for which I am responsible — both our professional and personal relationship deteriorated beyond the point it was salvageable. I regret that this resulted in protracted litigation that has been difficult and costly for both of us.

With this matter behind us, I wish you nothing but the best in everything you pursue from here on out.

Brad Rollins

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